For residential, commercial, or agricultural areas from 1 acre to 6 acres large: Super BirdXPeller PRO repels blackbirds, crows, grackles, cormorants, and ravens using naturally recorded bird distress calls and predator cries. These birds will happily devour your sunflowers as well as popular garden vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. This will result in the loss of confidence for smaller song birds and will result in them scaring the birds you desire in your yard away. Blackbirds can be a pretty sight—if you like blackbirds in your yard. Pesky blackbirds are eating all my bird seed! For residential or commercial areas up to 1 acre: BirdXPeller PRO is a sonic bird repeller that utilizes audible sounds to deter pest birds including blackbirds, grackles, cormorants, and ravens. Composed of a 20 speaker tower and 2 high-output amplifiers, the unit protects extremely large areas from pests. This product requires little to no maintenance and easy installation to apply anywhere where pest birds are a problem. U.S. For large and remote outdoor agricultural areas from 7 to 30 acres: The Mega Blaster PRO is the most powerful sonic bird control system. For areas up to 6,000 square feet: The Prowler Owl is a life-size replica of the most-feared aerial predator known as the Great Horned Owl. Step 2. The bullies are not likely to fly into the can to get the discarded seed. Cover any ledges where blackbirds might be likely to roost with sheet metal, wood, or plastic foam blocks. Holographic bird tape flashes blinding light & makes noise when it flaps in the wind. Designed in the shape of a Peregrine Falcon, a natural predator of blackbirds, Reflects and scatters sunlight with a holographic post. You could put up 2 or 3 offering sunflower seed, nyjer seed, and peanuts’n-shell. Since ancient times, people have installed scarecrows resembling not … Garlic Oil Spray for Bird Control. A surprisingly easy pest control solution for getting rid of birds is … The Mega Blaster PRO is a fully programmable and weather resistant product that is ideal for remote outdoor areas such as landfills, airfields, fish farms, and more. For open outdoor areas up to 6,000 square feet: Scare Eyes balloons are a visual deterrent featuring 3D eye replicas that move with the wind and intimidate pest birds. Hang aluminum pie plates from limbs and branches throughout the yard. The problem is that they can cause damage to your property. Here are a few ideas: Remove potential food sources. To solve this problem, place a garbage can under a hanging feeder. “Blackbird” is a general term for a variety of species, including grackles and starlings. Blackbirds are large—and they like a good place to rest. The 4 speaker system is fully programmable complete with adjustable volume, sound delays, and hours of operation. Generally, bully birds … How to Get Rid of Black Birds Naturally Step 1. First of all stop using platform feeders. For open outdoor areas up to 6,000 square feet: Scare Eyes balloons are a visual deterrent featuring 3D eye replicas that move with the wind and intimidate pest birds. Getting Rid of Blackbirds . The tape reflects blinding light while making a noise as it flaps in the wind. Humane blackbird control methods are equally effective against all types of blackbirds. How to Keep Birds Away With 5 Best Handmade Methods Close All the Entrances to Your House. Using intermittent distress calls, a danger zone is created to scare away birds for good. 4. PATENTS 6,557,482; 6,814,021; 7,930,989. It can be illegal to get rid of blackbirds by moving or manipulating their nests. Remove potential food from the yard. For open spaces up to 1 acre: Terror Eyes is a large 3D visual scare with holographic predator eyes used to scare pest birds away from your property. All rights reserved. This produces a multi-sensory attack to scare birds away. Preventing black birds in the first place can help you get rid of blackbirds in a completely safe and legal way. Super BirdXPeller PRO is easily installed and weather resistant, making it ideal for use in parking lots, warehouses, orchards, vineyards, and more. The WhirlyBird Repeller combines multiple bird scaring tactics within a single device to keep blackbirds away: Because the WhirlyBird Repeller is safe for your home and does not harm the birds, it’s the ideal solution to keep blackbirds away from your yard.


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