li>, Address: Oak Valley Dr, Louisville KY, 40214. The device can be attached to the windshield of a car and the measurements taken while driving. Fast sHipping. ͅjb�!��Jc.�:���j����z�e�rQa[ȼ(�eSt�qQ7~���^��D�Sx$���0�����cg������Ib������cyE�T�X��:�3l.ɓ���o�bD��X;231�N����n4�4�|�����(3R�U�#���ч!h���6�"� Love this meter. x��}|TU��{�I�Ʉ$C� CB�@�PB�i�P�� I H�P"E��P�X�^A�UWP'H���]��WWWw�U,��!���wN|A��}����7y������sO�g01$�(U�O����'(r}Q��¼����7�$��&��P�7-�+ϴ'Il��Ȝ4������d�����I%3�o�a�=d����֯'���hDj���"}�3˳�����D�cܵ�vYM��i�O-y x���5�=Mo�$��2�?��i���G-o'��.�Y�D}ȃ����mq��E��>����K�nLi�������F�F�j�#����~w ݯaٚu��QV"m2��˖֯Z����7$��G�5����f��+I��#r�լk�M+V��p�&��Z�oZU���o2������k��'��_=�Ը��Pr$I{��3������Y$�IQ��Y��'��:xpk�gF�.��]zR�t�h�i�,����(�WC�n�+�L����هY�6iIZ�Y�4����Ӡ�}������n7���� �jn2O�m�!��L=��F�D���������g����ly�?�,��'���K�N&��/��j�O��5f�?i&ݦ?G˺ͫǼ����� �Q�}9Ӻ�~�ُ�B��Dy����Z,t�����Z�c�;�������3iJ�u���1��L[N�~�)�2�Fw�w�O���:�;�{)3���4�����f��>�~�h���C[I�)=�uJ7m��)��S��Է�~r庳��!c��E8�ز��o�?Uen�W�X�膮��m��~�NX�K,�����Ө��:����k�Q�11�Bi��c}��e��Q�����./ˠ�W�T9e�-���N#���B}O6�4m;h�Fm����v�$�~F�'�(j�F���4e�b�P�3��"=����u�ȥA�F�M��g���j��$^��[���-ll�M"��y�t��yf���E��g5�!��ŽN���t���e���T�9����n�GQ��=h2p���r=���|Z�m�d������. This device is, probably, the most compact SPL meter of those available on the market today. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I have only been metered a couple times of all the systems I have had. li>, The decision on warranty repair or replacement is made on the basis of technical expertise carried out by the Spl-Lab service center. I enjoy the hz display voltage,and the spl. h�bbd```b``:"k�d�d^"YNI�Q`�@���7L��� � ���? li>, Warranty service for products purchased through a third party (distributor) is provided through a third party. ?��sҝ�e΀��9@�A��Z�j�B4`20F)r`\��%� y��]���#���2��;��@?g��U��,�Wy,2��•������x�+�����~u�r�A�ܹD��L���.�PW�����Y��Rc�Kt>؍#�b�������t2��y:\RJ�y�.�r�v@ɽ�oE�����RB\3I��m�B@*����b뫚�h���z�� 8MhL�B�8т\#��E浙��h�Akg\3J�ֳ��Y�����\��r)[=2���cē�YaN� �:���01�vu���cxa�N����L��~0ZR�rc��i�C�|�(���� �@*��� ���h+(�jI`p��|�8 The uniqueness of this device is in its capability of simultaneously measuring sound pressure and voltage. ��tт�������n��h[�(�"�I@T����|+���(�&��;���s G%`��GD�/�=�)��x@@]� j�Ld���Hu�=⡭��m�Y�Z�����7w��=Ec;�Z6w^����Ac���Ъ��M�w��K��Xr�5���mt����}���H�8o���m���?�������?�9�Ofs��c9Kϑ�;G���_�`�d�e�^�}O �>���۫�pud�� ]��EO��ȋ�y,�}���g�Ck�K����z�*e The uniqueness of this device is in its capability of simultaneously measuring sound pressure and voltage. Simple Bass Meter can be connected to PC via USB. Don't need batteries and very easy to use. This is a great tool to finally learn some tricks and frequency changes. Me�����g�?ON^�������������OO��r8�D@�7���B����.�ny9�g������r���Jl��m�0*a�"Vm��u�m-�*���.f��|���YxX]/� K�=XG�ыha9n� o8�/^(O 99. Spl-Lab Mini Bass Meter has a compact case, including a four segment display, 3 control buttons, Mini-USB slot for power supply and updating the firmware and an input for connecting to a cigarette lighter socket. 0 It is enough to simply connect the device to a car cigarette lighter for measuring sound pressure and voltage. It is enough to simply connect the device to a car cigarette lighter for measuring sound pressure and voltage. Li>, The warranty covers defects caused by the manufacturer and does not cover mechanical damage or violation of the terms of use and storage. li>, The warranty does not cover potential damage, loss of profits, loss of data and other direct or indirect losses related to equipment malfunction. h�b```�pf��B ����R��a``���-�(r����kT��g�v�H�`� B����l�с�h�4�D=�fb>�E7�Vi3�&p����2�=����)ì��h�0�?�!^�N��˨H�00��L`d`� �4�"��\Ff� ;S*M At the same time, it is possible to capture sound pressure at the moment of reaching the highest SPL value. Digital Sound Level Meter, Decibel Meter with Backlight Portable Sound Pressure Level Meter (SPL)30~130 dBA, Sound Noise Meter Audio Volume Monitoring Instrument Meter for Home Office (Beige-White) 4.1 out of 5 stars 50. fun way to shut up someone claiming to be louder, SPL LAB Usb Bass db Meter (Second Edition), *SPL LAB WiFi Wireless Bass Meter(Third Edition), Buy 1 or above 482 0 obj <> endobj endstream endobj 486 0 obj <>stream The design of the device allows it to practically fit into any car interior. The device is simple in use and does not require additional settings and calibration. endstream endobj 487 0 obj <>stream It's nice to have to help with testing spl on the fly moved box placement and it showed spl gains when moved so very cool to have, Posted by Charles Tindall on Oct 19th 2019. The measured signal can be provided by both industrial equipment and acoustic systems.


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