now it's just "Oh, Tatsumaki (probably even Genos at this point) could easily one-shot most of them if not for her fight with Psychorochi.". Tatsumaki finds Psykos, flips the base, and now we are at the long anticipated Tatsumaki vs cadres fight (and the rest of the story). To see which chapters correspond with which arc, see Story Arcs. Genos originally saved Tatsumaki from the cadres, but now he saves her from Psyrochi. All characters < Saitama. Your disinterest doesn't negate the fact that there's a real purpose of implementing Orochi in the manga. Seeing this particular arc getting dilluted is obviously upsetting. If you are a very experienced writer, you can try to play with this trope, but it is dangerous, because if you get a peak, then go downhill (but the event is still on) and then go for another peak during the same event, you usually either confuse the reader/viewer, or you reduce the emotional impact of the latter peak. Like, I assumed everyone who liked it was "getting the joke," the whole series is really tongue-in-cheek and over-the-top and frankly silly sometimes, on purpose. More posts from the OnePunchMan community. You might say "well, we got an extra God panel, and he gave powers to Psykos, this is important story stuff!" How they were taken out by psykos and BS in the webcomic is some of the laziest writing I’ve seen. Is the epic Abandonment Bang moment in the webcomic gonna change in the manga? It was fun at first but after awhile the story starts to feel like it's "circling the drain" for me. How they were taken out by psykos and BS in the webcomic is some of the laziest writing I’ve seen. The story makes constant points about why power levels are stupid, why looming threats are never actually threatening, and why strength doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Possibly, but it makes it exciting and unpredictable for webcomic readers. I guess, only you here a shounen-fan.Garou also won't show the same destructive power as Psyrochi and it's also fine, because he is so dangerous, not because of his raw power, but because of his techniques. I love the new, expanded, and changed up stuff in the manga. He has a trump card, but he still isn’t the strongest thing in OPM. The irony when the people who complains about how OP Psykos and Tats is are the same people who are unwilling to accept they are in Boros tier. Let’s keep a lookout. One-Punch Man Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. You keep saying she’s the strongest villain but she’s definitely not. Psyrochi is strong enough to blast through an entire continent, and it means literally nothing because we all know that it only ever ends with Saitama winning. MA arc, or in fact, just hearing about all these dumb sounding monsters with ridiculous designs turning out to be super strong and beating the shit out of typical cool looking heroes, is the thing that drew me to OPM in the first place, since it seemed funny and fresh. Even though they are far beyond everything excluding Saitama. If there were no redraws then I think it’d be safe to say we would at least be finished with the fight by now. I hard agree with Dr-Leviathan that getting hung up on power level consistency is a big waste of time (IMO pretty much a waste of time in any series, character strength is NEVER based on real science/physics /logic no matter what anyone tells you so get over it now). Some of you might say "but the panels look so cool!',, Shut up and let the series continue before it fails goddamn. HOWEVER she is much more talented than Psykos and Psykos is becoming more and more insane as the fight goes on making Psykos do dumb shit like lose track of Tats. Anyway, time for suppressing downvotes! And that like "wise group" says, people should stop following any useless fictional series and just focus what matters in life. And there is nothing wrong about it. Welcome to r/OnePunchMan, the subreddit for all things related to our caped bald hero! Why do they even need the other heroes active at all of Tats can solo everything at this point? Check the sidebar for information! Yeah, they do, because Murata is amazing, he is most likely one of the best manga artists in the world.


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