A lot of Black skaters chimed in to support her and share similar experiences UNTIL the post got deleted by a moderator about an hour later. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Rollerskating community. (aka political topics) are frequently allowed. Indy Jamma Jones followed up to say that they would start an offshoot of the Planet Roller Skater page for "adult content". It was a lot of dancing around the topic but never explaining why PRS had to put out a town hall discussion. ♥️. Hi everyone! Green Planet dispenses medical marijuana to registered patients and is located at 700 Tappan Ave., across from the Ross School of Business and the Law Quadrangle. It’s definitely a discussion to have in the skating community. However, a lot of the biggest faces with the largest followings are white women who don't really represent the diversity of talented skaters. SO FINALLY, all the backlash has resulted in Indy and the mod Jen DeFalco being fired from Planet Roller Skate (which is now named Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ⋆ Découvrez Impala Skates, marque spécialisée en rollers quads, rollers en ligne et skateboards pour femmes ⋆ Livraison gratuite pour tous achats de rollers et skateboards Impala is for everyone Roller Skating Rink in Ann Arbor on YP.com. Planet Roller Skate is a creative project dedicated to the experiences of skaters around the world. It's so great to hear from Karen directly - she's been through so much. I believe … “As part of the conditions of approval, the applicant will need to close the vehicular curb cut, which will reduce one instance of potential pedestrian/vehicular conflicts.The applicant still has to demonstrate compliance with building codes, and needs to apply for and receive operating permit and license from the City Clerk and State of Michigan.”. The shop owned by Pigeon was originally called the Moxi Skate Shop, then she and Indy discussed rebranding and decided to join together Pigeon's physical shop and Indy's online store and brand a short time before COVID and this all happened, and it seems Pigeon has had to go and rename her store again while kicking Indy out. The most interesting subreddit about things you're not interested in. Many of Green Planet’s workers are U-M alumni. I'm at the very early research stage. “I believe there would be a huge relief on our criminal justice system,” Warpehoski said. interesting they think skating while black stories would be political, and only suitable for "adults", when black children get profiled too, just like any women's issues, they can happen to under-aged girls, and LGBTQ issues can affect young girls! weak attempt at a save, PRS! Medical marijuana usage has garnered recent controversy regarding addiction potential and regulation among government officials and the media in recent years. Earlier today, I came across a zoom discussion on Planet Roller Skate “Town Hall” on YouTube and was like “what is all this about?” I was so confused what they were talking about. “Green Planet is passionate about medical cannabis,” McLeod wrote in an email interview. I was shocked, seeing how most of these women are supposed to be so pro diversity. The skating community in general prides itself on being inclusive to everyone, and it's true that skating has an important history for women, queer people, and (in particular) black folks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Amid a new Michigan licensing act and an updated Ann Arbor ordinance, a new marijuana dispensary has opened near the University of Michigan’s campus. “The Planning Commission did find that 700 Tappan Ave met the requirements set forth by City Ordinance, and recommended approval of a Special Exception Use Permit,” Lenart wrote in an email interview. depending on what kind of skating you want to do. A lot of Black skaters posted to ask for a clarification of these rules, who then got blocked and had their posts removed for not being "kind and courteous". Also, several popular YouTubers who were sponsored by Planet Roller Skate (including Queer Girl Straight Skates) have detached themselves from the company. Green Planet is one of many new dispensaries, Medical marijuana usage has garnered recent controversy regarding, Most ’90s sitcoms weren’t great, but we needed them, ‘It’s a show trial’: U-M Law alum Theary Seng faces charges in Cambodia as government cracks down on dissidents, Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, the Michigan Daily Weekly Roundup, Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building. I didn’t know if this was posted yet so I posted it just in case. SO FINALLY, all the backlash has resulted in Indy and the mod Jen DeFalco being fired from Planet Roller Skate (which is now named Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop). Green Planet Director Mike McLeod felt Ann Arbor was the obvious choice to open the dispensary because of the city’s leadership in science, knowledge, medicine and cannabis. If passed, the law would make possession and sale of marijuana up to 2.5 ounces legal and impose a 10-percent excise and 6-percent sales tax on retail purchases. I've been thinking of getting into skating. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Skating Rinks in Ann Arbor, MI. Press J to jump to the feed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Man everything is shaking loose these days from various hobbies and communities. Green Planet is one of many new dispensaries opening in the Ann Arbor area after the legal changes put into effect earlier this year. I was shocked, seeing how most of these women are supposed to be so pro diversity. I came across this video while I was looking at other skating videos. Hope you enjoyed this peek into roller skating drama if you made it all the way through. Do you have any good beginner resources? In December 2019, she recorded a video with a couple skaters to discuss drama around the roller skate maker Impala. However, some sources state medicinal marijuana can help treat different forms of cancer, mental illness and more. Amid a new Michigan licensing act and an updated Ann Arbor ordinance, a new marijuana dispensary has opened near the University of Michigan’s campus. “Ann Arbor has long been a town that has been tolerant and supportive of marijuana use,” Warpehoski said. Thank you for taking time to learn about the situation with an open mind. I recently got into roller skating and started following a lot of skating youtubers and insta pages for beginner lessons. You mean like multiple personalities within the hobby dropping the sponsor, a large online community being split, and high profile members of said community being fired? I really like Moxi Roller Skates videos to understand gear. If you have a local skate shop, rink, or derby team, I'd recommend reaching out to them - they can give you lots of advice from their own experience (and they're always happy to help fresh meat get into skating). I’m a firm believer of spending your money with people you support are doing the right thing. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It is true that the group has a "no politics" rule, but posts about feminism, body positvity, LGBTQ+ rights, etc. Thankfully someone in the comments linked to Faeiryne’s video explaining all that happened on Planet Roller Skate FB group. (Cheesy nicknames like that are a Derby thing.). BUT in this video that was supposed to address all that, Indy basically sucked all the air out of the room to defend why Planet Roller Skate would still be stocking Impalas regardless, and turned the conversation toward issues with the Imapalas' quality and away from their shady inequitable marketing. So it seems like Black experiences and Black rights are the only ones that are too political. I believe that this woman and Karen The Karrot are right to expose (drag) her. A lot of skaters had been given free pairs to try out and advertise on social media, but it turned out that a lot of white skaters were actually being paid for that work, while NO skaters of color were compensated, even when they had bigger followings than white people who got paid.


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