Just as with many other traditional and cultural products in Japan. Please refrain from using honing rods/steels or any other kind of sharpening device (handheld devices, electric sharpeners, pull through sharpeners, grinding wheels, belt grinders, etc.). Return your unused item within 14 days of delivery. Please hand wash using mild soap and warm water. Do not leave wet on the bench or the knife may rust. It can take some time to learn how to handle these knives correctly, but it is a rewarding experience. This may cause chipping or other damage to the edge. Make sure the knives are dry. One pump is usually more than enough to cover both sides of the blade. When cutting, use a clean, smooth cutting motion. DO NOT use a pull through sharpener of any description. Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday. We offer a variety of knife-related services... click below for more info. Use. For questions about sharpening your knife, please contact Jon@JapaneseKnifeImports.com. The harsh chemicals and hot temperature will ruin the quality of the blade and deteriorate the handle. Read more about > shipping & delivery. Chef's Armoury offers a postal knife sharpening service. The construction is laminated, unlike monosteel construction. When used improperly, their use can cause color, taste, and/or smell changes with acidic foods. Send us an email through our > contact us form. Privacy - Terms of Service - ©2020 James Grace Pty Ltd T/A Chef's Armoury. It may seem tedious at first, but it will keep your blade from rusting. It can also cause damage to the handle, as the handle may change size or shape due to the heat, water, and chemicals. Always wash your Japanese kitchen knife by hand. Do not use a diamond or rough steel – we recommend a. From the house of Kershaw and Zero Tolerance, the Shun Hiro … Putting the knife in the dishwasher can cause damage to the edge as the knife can be bounced around. When used improperly, their use can cause color, taste, and/or smell changes with acidic foods. PHONE 310-399-0300HOURS Monday-Wednesday & Friday 11:00am-6:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm, The store will remain closed to customers, but we have non-contact pickup and drop-off. Your knife is NOT dishwasher safe. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry thoroughly after hand washing and do not store unless fully dry. Store knives in the original box, a wooden sheath (saya) or on a knife magnet or knife block. bones, seeds, metal, etc.) Please do not try to flex or bend your knife. SHARPENING AND MAINTENANCE - WESTERN BEVELS. On some stainless knives with lower amounts of carbon, water spotting can occur on the blade. No, for any knife worth owning, hand-washing is the way to go. Use a paper towel to dry the blade instead of a teatowel as kitchen cloths tend to leave the blade slightly damp. Use warm, soapy water to wash the knife. We recommend Renaissance Wax (an archival-grade museum wax), because it will keep your knife rust-free and … VIEW OFFER. This can cause chipping or cracking of the blade. Buy a Misto Olive oil sprayer and fill it with food grade mineral oil, vegatable oil or olive oil. Previous. A grey/black patina will form on the edge. For culinary knives, olive, vegetable, canola or sunflower oil is fine. You will need to make sure the blade remains clean and dry in order to prevent rust or discoloration. Following use, they should be cleaned and throughly dried. Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday. Super Blue steel or more commonly known as Aogami Super blue Steel is one of the finest carbon steel material in the cutlery industry. with your knife. Do not twist the knife while it is mid-cut, especially when cutting harder foods (i.e. After cleaning and drying your knife, you should lubricate it with a wax to prevent moisture from affecting the blade. Chef's Armoury offers a postal knife sharpening service. Japanese knives are easier to chip than thicker European knives so think before you chop. We ship to selected countries internationally. These kinds of knives can rust if left wet and/or dirty. “They’re just easier to sharpen than stainless — the metal rubs off more cleanly and doesn’t chip as easily.” This knife should only be sharpened using Japanese water stones. One of the most important steps in taking care of your carbon steel is keeping the blade clean. Read our > Returns policy for terms and conditions. Always clean and dry the knife thoroughly before putting it away. ABN 62 001 477 014. Do not leave this knife in your sink or pile anything on top of it. > See list of countries. We highly recommend a protective layer of, Any rust should be removed immediately so it doesn't spread. The only down side to high carbon steel is that it will rust if you do not take care of it. WARNING - Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty Exceeds $17000). Find a reputable sharpener experienced in Japanese knives. Don’t wait with washing until after the meal, but wash immediately after using the knife. Carbon steel and carbon steel damascus can rust when not cared for properly. Carbon steel: Most Japanese knives will fall under this first category. SHUN HIRO SG 2 JAPANESE CHEF KNIFE – razor sharp edge. It is manufactured in Japan by Hitachi. Bamboo boards and poly boards can be excessively hard on the edge. Stainless does not mean that the knife can not rust. Hand-dry the knife with a dry and soft cloth or dish towel immediately after you’ve washed it. Use Japanese waterstones to sharpen your knife, never on a hot grinder or belt sander. Do not cut through bones, frozen foods or extremely dense items. Carbon steel is made through the process of adding carbon to steel made from iron ore. (You can buy all of these tools at your local hardware store for much less). Use Japanese waterstones to sharpen your knife, never on a hot grinder or belt sander. This is totally normal for carbon steel and aids in protecting against rust. According to Pettersson, anyone who knows how to sharpen a knife by hand or is interested in learning should go carbon steel over stainless steel. Following use, they should be cleaned and throughly dried. Apply a small amount of oil to the blade and smooth it out with your finger. Please refrain from cutting extremely hard and/or frozen items (i.e. Remember your knives do have limitations and are not indestructible. Liquor Licence 36129161. Use a soft cloth to gently remove all leftovers and spots from the blade. Japanese knife Imports will be closing at 5pm on Nov. 24th 2020, The store will remain closed to customers, but we have non-contact pickup and drop-off Sharpening (except initial sharpening), saya making, and rehandling are suspended for the moment- Click here for more info on our COVID response. Japanese kitchen knives are no exception. A honing steel can be used lightly in between sharpening on stones. We are a small company of passionate knife dorks, focused on making high quality Japanese knives from small makers available to you, outside of Japan. Japanese knives offer simple, yet sophisticated beauty and quality to their users. Kitchen knives will always require some care and maintenance to keep them in the best shape and get the most out of them. *Free Shipping on Domestic Orders over $100…Want us to take care of initial sharpening? The knives made with this steel is famous for its exceptional sharpness. Knives with carbon steel core (e.g. Don't cut directly on hard surfaces such as a benchtop; stainless steel sink; plate or chopping boards made from glass, ceramic, bamboo, corian and other hard substances. These are the four different defining characteristics of a Japanese knife. This web site is operated by Chef’s Armoury. Don't put a plastic or leather sheath on the blade as it will rust if any moisture is left on the knife. They will require different levels of care in use.


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