Both the EU and French regulatory framework offer an opportunity to incentivize the development of reuse, which is particularly relevant at the local level. Our key focus is supporting the food production industry to extract the maximum efficiency from the value chain by digitising processes and systems using the power of our platform. We have used technology in the following manner across the value chain. 200 000 disposable packages have already been avoided. We maintain, that the EU could also promote new solutions by using its funding programmes, and by sup, porting the Member States to distribute “green vouchers” in order to accelerate the transition. Dear Speaker Pelosi, Leader McCarthy, Leader McConnell and Leader Schumer, As Congress develops urgently needed additional legislation to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, legislators must do much more to ensure that healthy, safe and affordable food is available to all, and to minimize the challenges facing farmers, … To be effective, the process needed to connect partners from across NC representing a diverse array of sectors, interests and geographies. Contrary to public perception, organic farming is actually bad for the soil. “Empleen el dinero del modo en que crean conveniente, siempre y cuando promueva la salud, la felicidad y el bienestar de los niños.” - Will Keith Kellogg, “Sèvi ak lajan an jan w vle depi se sante timoun, byennèt timoun ak kè kontan pou timoun w ap ankouraje.” - W.K. To support bars and brewers in the context of the Covid-19, Jean Bouteille also helps them bottle their beers to allow take-away solutions. We use our technology to provide all buyers with a wide range of conveniently located options based on their needs and the ability of our growers to fulfil the consignment by leveraging the Farm2Fork smart marketplace platform. Essential properties in terms of storage, handling, transportation and preservation of food make packaging a necessity. In response to this increasing public awareness and demand for sustainable food packaging, companies and retailers are more and more subscribing to an approach aimed at reducing packaging’s environmental impacts. Each and every one of us has an important part to play in making Farm to Fork a success. Climate alarmists argue that organic farming results in a, reduced the losses and improved the yield, heavy loss due to their transition to organic farming. ", Happy Thanksgiving from CFACT! combines the bulk sale of liquids with a deposit system for bottles to allow consumers to purchase liquid products without, generating waste. The work of this initiative is continuing into the NC Food Action Plan, the next step in developing NC’s food system. start-up also provides monitoring and cleaning services, thus closing the loop of the circular economy. USDA should also use its authority to make it easier to provide meals to low-income families during school closures, many of whom are food and farm workers, by issuing a nationwide waiver for area eligibility. We working with farmers growing the fresh produce, to improve overall efficiency by: The broader patent-pending solution aims to leverage the use of technology to optimise yield and supply of fresh produce to market – while reducing wastage across the farm-to-fork ecosystem. Develop Organic farming and help the EU’s organic farming sector to grow, with the goal of 25 % of total farmland being used for organic farming by 2030; Reduce the use of chemical and more hazardous pesticides by 50%. This need to consider the packaging not in isolation but in combination with the product it contains, is reflected for instance in consumers’ growing demand to ensure that organic products are not packaged or when they are, in a sustainable way. The initiative is the idea of Cathy St Germans, a writer and organiser of regenerative agriculture events. The reusable containers are designed in PP or HDPE single material to ensure they are recyclable. While the majority of reuse in France is captured by the B2B segments (either coffee hotel restaurant circuits or industrial packaging), most reuse initiatives are currently developing on the B2C market, driven by local initiatives. When considering accelerating the EU’s transition to sustainable food systems, packaging has a decisive role to play. Sustainable food – ‘farm to fork’ strategy Initiative A sustainable food strategy is key to achieving the goals of the EU’s Green Deal. They need basic safety equipment, like handwashing stations, and basic protections, like six feet of space between workers. Those are good objectives. We achieve the outcomes by using technology and Agri-Industrial processing centre to act as aggregation and share resources across the value chain. The Farm to Fork Strategy provides for several measures, to empower consumers to make informed, healthy and sustainable food choices, among which the creation of a sustainable labelling framework that will cover nutritional but also climate, environmental and social aspects of, food products, a measure reaffirmed within the framework of the New Consumer Agenda, published by the Commission last week. Jean Bouteille combines the bulk sale of liquids with a deposit system for bottles to allow consumers to purchase liquid products without generating waste.


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