‘B’ is the correct position of the eye. (b) Which is the correct position of the eye? This constriction prevents the mercury from falling back all by itself. unit of time is hour. Physical Quantities and Measurement ICSE Class-6th Concise Selina Physics Solutions Chapter-2. One metre is defined as the distance travelled by light in air in  of a second Temperature measures the degree of coldness and hotness of a body. Then the thermometer is taken out and its reading is noted. Answer: (d) 4.2 m = cm The magnitude of a quantity is expressed as numbers in its unit. Name the S.I. Common unit of temperature is degree centigrade (symbol °C). Name the device which you will use to measure the perimeter of your play ground. Depending on the type of thermometer, you can measure body temperature, water, air and many other things. (f) 5 mg = ………. How are they related ? °F. No, a clinical thermometer cannot be used to measure the temperature of boiling water. Explain the term ‘area of a surface’. of mass is …. (c) 20 cm = m Write the correct length of the stick. It can break on cooling and on excess heating. Physical Quantities and Measurement ICSE Class-6th Concise … (e) 0.2 km = m The end Q of the pencil is read by keeping the eye at the position ‘B’ vertically above the end Q. system, the unit of mass is pound (symbol lb). The S.I. Measurement is a comparison of an unknown quantity with a known fixed quantity of the same kind. In short form, it is written as kg. Now count the number of complete squares. (f) The normal temperature of human body is 37 °C or 98.6 °F. °C or …. (a) The S.I. (2) C.GS and (3) EP.S. kg The temperature of a healthy person is 37°C. (d) The zero mark in Celsius thermometer is the melting point of ice In our daily life we measure the following four basic physical quantities. Click here to get an answer to your question ️ draw a neat labelled diagram of clinical thermometer Draw a labelled neat diagram of a clinical thermometer showing the range of temperature marked on it. Can a clinical thermometer be used to measure the temperature of the boiling water ? (f) 0.2 cm = mm 1. Procedure: Place the leaf on graph paper. (c) The amount of surface occupied by an object is called its: What is measurement ? of time is …. Describe in steps how you will use it. Let PQ be a pencil. Ans. So the length of the rod XY is 4.3 — 1.0 = 3.3 cm. State its special feature. Define one kilogram, the S.I. draw a neat and labelled diagram of a laboratory thermometer - Physics - TopperLearning.com | 99cxqufyy unit of mass. To measure the temperature of a patient’s body, its bulb is kept either below the tongue or under the arm’s pit of the patient for about a minute. Solution Show Solution Doctors use a special thermometer called the clinical thermometer for measuring the temperature of the patient’s body. No they are not same. Draw its labelled neat diagram. Ans. and 1 h = 60 min. This temperature is marked by a red arrow. = 3600 s. Thus, Draw a Labelled Neat Diagram of a Clinical Thermometer Showing the Range of Temperature Marked on It. Give reason for your answer. (a) The S.I. Define one metre, the S.I. unit of mass is kilogram. (e) 10 lb = ………. What is a clinical thermometer? Name the instrument used for measuring of the temperature of a person. To this add the number of incomplete squares which are half or more than half. (c) lOO cm 1m. What does the temperature measure ? (e) The thermometer used to measure the human body temperature is called the clinical thermometer. unit of area and define it. = side x side Explain how you will measure the area of (i) a square (b) a leaf? Answer: Answer: Name the instrument which is commonly used to measure the mass of a body. To measure the length of an object with such a ruler, the object is placed close to a specific markings on the ruler and positions of both ends of the object are read on the ruler. (a) l2 inch 1 ft unit of length. So the length of pencil is 4.3 cm. The S.I. The temperature of a healthy person is 37°C. Answer. How to draw a CLINICAL THERMOMETER well labelled diagram ll … Name four basic measurements in our daily life. The S.I. Instrument commonly used to measure the mass of a body, is the beam balance. (e) 0.01 kg = ………. system, the unit of mass is gram, (symbol g). The diagram below shows a stick placed along a meter ruler. Answer: To measure the length of playground the tape is spread along the length of the curved area. The Position C = 3.00 cm (a) S.I. g unit of area is square metre or meter2 which in short form is written as m2. Ignore the squares which are less than half. Length of stick PQ from Answer: (f) The normal temperature of human body is …. We Provide Step by Step Answer of Objective, True False , Fill in the blanks, Match the following , Short / Long Answer Type , Numericals of Exercise-2 Physical Quantities and Measurement ICSE . Visit official Website  CISCE  for detail information about ICSE Board Class-6. Answer: (b) Explain with an example how you will use the metre ruler in part (a) if the ends of ruler are broken.


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