Don’t dampen your customers’ expectations. If you ‘re sending a glass bottle via the USPS , we recommend placing it within an inner container that is sealed and waterproof. Clean in Kay-5® or chlorine-based sanitizer solution with a dedicated nozzle brush and place in sanitizer solution for at least 3 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Beer, wine, and liquor may not be sent through the mail , except in limited circumstances. You can write “LIQUID” or “LIQUIDS” with a marker. They’re not going to X-ray your box. Airliner cargo holds are required by law to be pressurized similar to that of the passenger cabin. Explosives. There are specific packaging guidelines to keep in mind. If you’re sending a glass bottle via the USPS, we recommend placing it within an inner container that is sealed and waterproof. For all mailpieces containing liquids, make sure you also clearly indicate as such on the outside of the package. The content on this blog is "as is" and carries no warranties. Slightly shake, to build up pressure. Small bubbles caused by shaking help to hasten the escape of the soda’s carbon dioxide. “ Carbonated drinks , flat or otherwise, including cola, provide inadequate fluid and electrolyte replacement and cannot be recommended,” they said. […], What is soda ash and what is it used for? Ammunition. The Privacy Policy governs your use of this blog. Repeat step 2, shaking a bit more each time, until all carbonation (or as much as needed) is gone. Wrap the bottles in bubble wrap and arrange them in the box making sure that they snugly packed. If you pack carefully and label the box as fragile, you can relax and ship your bottles with confidence! Tips for shipping wine without getting caught by FedEx or UPS I try to avoid using a single bottle wine shipper. But if you are really keen on doing so, here are a few tips. But it requires care and due diligence. Under the “Packages” section of the software, you can select one of our “Shipping Label” options. Shipping liquids through the USPS, FedEx, DHL or UPS can be complicated, with many different regulations and rules. Some people prefer to drink water from a glass bottle instead of a plastic one due to health, taste-related or environmental concerns. A recently proposed rule change states that mailers must mark the outer container of a mailpiece containing liquid to indicate the nature of the contents, and include orientation arrows. Barcoded shipping labels printed via have built-in, free tracking. … Shipping soda bottles with contents is expensive because of the weight of the package. Make sure there is no room between bottles — this will minimize movement. If there are none available, and regular shipping cardboard boxes will do. Learn more about USPS guidelines for shipping liquids. Clean all exterior surfaces of the dispenser, including levers with a clean cloth towel and Kay-5® or chlorine-based sanitizer solution. There should be no room between bottles to minimize movement. Wrap the styrofoam container in several sheets of newspaper, as well as the bottles to avoid “sqeakyness”. Whether you’re sending mountain spring water, or water enhanced by magnesium and electrolytes, make sure that you seal the liquid inside a waterproof container. Place your jars in ziploc bags, removing the air and sealing them. Maintaining a steady flow of shipments and mailings is a key component for any business. Once all the jars have been padded place bubble wrap or newspaper on the bottom of the box and then stack the jars in the box leaving some space in between. The important thing to remember is that you are allowed to mail non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-explosive, non-odoriferous and non-hazardous liquids with the USPS. Purchase boxes that are designed for shipping bottles, such as a wine bottle box. USPS shipping prohibited items for all shipments include: Air bags. Shipping carbonated beverages is possible. Can you ship glass bottles through USPS? Your email address will not be published. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 176c432df37ba683d2f35aeb2e9bb4f5. You can easily print a trackable label on plain paper or on one of our self-adhesive labels, such as the 4 1/4″ x 6 3/4″ shipping labels. And USPS does not allow shipping glass soda bottles by mail. Process to packing the box! If shipping carbonated beverages by parcel, USPS … LEGAL DISCLAIMER Please note, if you want to reuse a box that has alcoholic beverage labels on it, remove all logos and labels so your package will pass through the mail system.


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