Much is dependent on the way the various component parts (switches, sensors, safety devices, controllers, and motors) are assembled and connected together to respond to the particular environment of use. The standard addresses four gate operator classifications: residential, commercial or general public access, industrial or limited access, and restricted access. Contact the organization at 216-241-7333, or fax 216-241-0105. The legislation and standards that need to be considered during the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of automated gates are: dhf has produced a revised version of Technical Specification DHF TS 011:2018 The Code of Practice for the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of Powered Gates and Traffic Barriers that can be downloaded from the publications section of this site. the Responsible Person (normally the manufacturer or another ‘deemed’ to be the manufacturer for the purposes of the directive) to ensure that: Once the gate or barrier is Although some were skeptical of the figures quoted by CPSC on the number of accidents and deaths caused by automated gate systems, access control manufacturers and dealers generally viewed the public service announcements positively, as an aid in spreading the word about the safety standard. The CPSC specifically warned the public about the danger posed by older gate systems, which may have no safety devices, or inadequate ones. It was also noted that movement is underway to develop voluntary standards for the safe design and installation of the overall gate system. This law requires the person responsible for the gate/barrier to ensure that essential health & safety requirements are met, which includes ensuring a conformity assessment is carried out and the gate is correctly CE marked. Can I still install it? The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 further imposes a specific duty on employers to carry out suitable risk assessments of all potential health and safety risks to employees and visitors alike. Older non-motorized gates may need to be altered to meet the new requirements. 38-39 Albert Road To find out more, The barrier or gate should be supplied with an O&M manual (Usually a ring bound file containing all of the below documentation), An electrical test certificate is required, The gate or barrier should be properly maintained and serviced as specified by the manufacturer, (which is usually every 6 months) by a competent installer (a service contract is needed to ensure the customer is not responsible for the maintenance – this puts the responsibility for the safety back on to the company), A Risk assessment is required (for the gate safety), CE marking is required with a unique serial or identification number, A Declaration of conformity is needed to show compliance, Touch sensitive or resistive safety edges (ideally category 3 edges). (Out of Hours): 01785 532014, By Phone: 01636 704000 The operator manufacturer must be consulted on this matter. Two pairs of photocell safety beams (one set between the gate posts and one set covering the extent of the gate swing (usually mounted on steel posts). There is no recall provision in the UL standard. About automated gates & barriers. UL 325 states that if the operator is for a vehicular gate, pedestrians must use a separate entrance. be installed? Here at Newgate, we work tirelessly to ensure that all of our products are installed correctly and meet the necessary safety regulations. All Manufacturers and installers of automatic gate systems should take all necessary steps to meet compliance with the Machinery Directive to ensure their completed products are safe. Touch sensitive or resistive edges (ideally category 3 edges). The panel distributed a set of documents which set out the terms of UL 325, and explained how they affect dealers. DHF members that are properly trained, have a DHF diploma in gate safety. DASMA is continuing to monitor other states for potential legislation in this area. However, upgrading is dependent on the product itself; the operator manufacturer must be consulted on this matter. Tamworth The gate operator manufacturer will state the class of each operator in multiple places. DHF members have been through a rigorous training program that teaches all the legislative and standards-related information to protect both your legal interests and the safety of those who may encounter your gates. Harling Security Solutions LtdRegent House, Unit 4, Charlton Mead Lane,Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0DJ. Webmaster | Copyright © 2003-2015:Controlled Access Systems, Inc., All Rights Reserved, GALLERY 1 – Single Entry Residential Gate. Primary and secondary safety devices must be provided and matched to the operator. It was noted that UL 325 does not affect gate systems installed before the standards took effect; in other words, it is not retroactive. Updated UL 325 Safety Standards Affecting the Automatic Gate Industry . “If your apartment or condominium complex has an older gate, contact a manager or your homeowners’ association and request that it be replaced with a safer automatic gate system that meets the new standard,” urged Brown. The system must stop the gate upon sensing a second sequential obstruction, and then not operate until an intended input is received (not by a timer to close). The revised General Safety Regulation was adopted on 27 November 2019. If you are unsure about the safety of your gates or barriers or you require any product servicing or maintenance, please contact the Newgate team today on 01636 700172  or email These headlines are, unfortunately, becoming increasingly common as poorly installed and badly maintained gates continue to endanger the lives of those who use them. Vehicular gate operators should only be used on vehicular gates, never on pedestrian gates; Controls should be as far away from the gate as possible to prevent the “reach-through” accidents mentioned previously; All exposed entrapment points must be eliminated or guarded; Guarding must be supplied for exposed rollers; Gate controls must be installed where the user has a full view of the gate operation; Warning signs should be posted on each side of the gate. This site uses cookies to monitor and improve the performance of our website. Does the 2-1/4 inch sphere test start at the bottom of the gate or is it measured from the ground up to 4 feet? Safety Requirements, be CE marked and accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity. home > Automated Gates & Barriers > Legislation and standards. Automated gates and traffic barriers are classified as machinery under the EU Machinery Directive. So to adhere to the European Safety Standard, you must make sure you carry out a full risk assessment of the automated access installation you have. As in the previous standard, these should have a minimum height of 900mm and should be designed so that children cannot climb over them or trap fingers or … The below is a short list of documentation that is legally required when purchasing, owning or maintaining an automatic gate or barrier for a commercial or public property or site. This responsibility can be passed on to a gate maintenance company, by taking out a service contract. The law also states that employers have a responsibility under section 2 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure, as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of employees and other persons who may be affected by work activities. Contact uis for maintenance or automatic barrier spares. It is essential to ensure that these types of products are installed and maintained correctly as the lack of human input can, in some cases, make them more dangerous should faults occur. Do I have to install guarding or screening on a gate? What's involved in gaining the NVQ qualification? Any listing by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) that tests to the UL 325 standard is acceptable.


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