May God end the evil of abortion and save Italy and the world, through the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Michaels intercession from this virus. However, St. Michael appeared again and said to the Bishop of Siponto: “It is not your task to consecrate the Basilica I built. Very uplifting and encouraging story. In the year 590, when Saint Gregory the Great was elected pope, Rome and all of Italy was in the midst of a deadly plague. At the conclusion of the vision, the great pope witnessed Saint Michael sheathing his sword, and to the great joy of all the inhabitants, the horrific plague came to an end. May 8 is now celebrated in the Catholic Church as the feast of the anniversary of the apparitions of St. Michael the Archangel. Eleven years later, Bishop Don Juan de Palafox ordered the second investigation with the following decree: “After having visited the site and made our inquiries, it would appear that the marvels that God has worked by means of the Archangel have credence. His own life was austere and penitential. As they approached, they saw a great boulder blocking the spot. The Angel King who couldn't sing but love to dance with Lady Chance pulled me from the fire. Much easier to get to from England, and you can combine it with a pilgrimage to Padre Pio. Saint Michael the Archangel, along with numerous other Angels, descended above the crowd and a heavenly perfume seemingly filled the air. We have just celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. The kind Bishop listened attentively to the remarkable story of the apparition and its aftermath up to this point. Anonymous, Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!Have you thought about visiting Monte Sant'Angelo, near San Giovanni Rotondo? on Saturday, 30 April 2016. Make this known at once to everyone. St. Michael then appeared again in 492. Percentage of souls who go to heaven vs. hell. He then walked up and moved aside the massive boulder. Help to succeed in life. While in prayer, he felt an earthquake as St. Michael appeared to him “in a dazzling splendor and ordered him to bless the stones of his cave, carving on them the sign of the cross and the letters ‘MA’ (Michael Archangel). when the wave was gone they found my son embracing the big post, and according to him he was praying the St. Michael as the wave almost engulf the ship. Click here if you cannot see the video above. Those who approach this spring with lively faith and sorrow for their faults will, with the water from this spring, obtain relief in their sufferings and needs, and those at the point of death will find a comfort in these waters.’. St Michael, patron of paratroopers, protected my 95-year old husband Michael of 151/156 Commando; who otherwise would have died as part of the disasterous "Operation Market Garden" in WW II . Today, on the day of my birth, I thank God for the gift of life. The first was made the year following the events by order of Bishop Gutierre Bernardo Quiroz. “Having said this, I then saw a brilliant light descend from heaven, piercing the ground at the site of the spring. The news of these cures were immediately reported to the Bishop, and were spread amongst the people in Puebla, Tlaxcala and other regions, and people began to arrive at “St. Once at the Grotto, they found a rough altar erected there, covered with a vermilion pallium and surmounted by a Cross. On November 13th, St. Michael once more appeared to him and said, “Why do you act cowardly, and are negligent in what, two times now, I have commanded you? He remained in this grave state for about a week, until the Archangel's next appearance. “Where the rock is thrown open, the sins of men can be forgiven. Between the third and eighth centuries, legend says that while a wealthy man named Gargano tended his animals, one of his bulls escaped and wandered off alone. The percentage of souls that are saved according to the Mystics and Saints By: Glenn Dallaire Are only a few saved? The puzzled looks and replies of those around him made it clear he was the only one who had seen the Prince of the heavenly host. This time, everyone present saw a dazzling light, which scared them tremendously, causing them all to flee from the hut. He totally consecrated the last three years of his short life to the service of the holy Prince, Saint Michael, and to the sick who came to the miraculous spring. Go therefore to the mountain and dedicate the cave to Christian worship.”. The illness, called “cocolixtli” by the locals, was a horrible form of smallpox that was devastating the people with immense sufferings and numerous deaths. Mark’s processions” because the date also coincides with the feast of St. Mark. As had been done on April 25th, throughout the Catholic world since the time of Pope St. Gregory, the people of Tlaxcala took part in the procession of the Greater Litanies, praying for an end to the plague that was mercilessly afflicting them. Diego’s family and friends were of course astounded by not only the great flash of light that drove them in fear out of the hut, but his story afterwards, and most of all his sudden cure. Thank you very much. Completely overwhelmed by the incredible sight, Saint Gregory concluded the angelic chorus by singing out the closing lines of the Regina Cœli: “Ora pro nobis Deum, alleluia! I am glad about the story of Diego and it makes me more faithful to St. Michael and to his help to all mankind. Among the latter were numbered Andrés Pérez, who was Diego’s cousin, and his maternal grandmother, Isabel Castillán Xuchitl, The interrogation was concluded in January of 1644. Describing afterwards what had happened, Diego states that St Michael took him by the hand: Short stories of Purgatory -A remarkable collection of visits from the souls in Purgatory to various Saints and Mystics. Rocks and branches split apart as he passed, clearing a path for us. He sent Professor, Father Alonso Herrera, to personally obtain precise information from a number of the witnesses.


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