Encourage them to use each other’s first names and allow social chitchat. Moderators can give themselves, or any other moderator, a fun title! And I also want to encourage you as a participant to try your hand at moderating your own thread. Sexual role-play is not tolerated in any group or any other part of the Only Organize discussion topics into folders if the group needs it. You can argue with someone's idea or opinion, but cannot argue with that person on a personal level. So as a fledgling moderator (or a veteran, for that matter), keep the following in mind: Make it clear there should be no name-calling, personal attacks, or profanity. Moderators have the power to delete any discussion post in the group, so The entire Edutopia community tends to be a polite crowd, but as with any conversation, book club, or online community, a moderator should be thoughtful when flexing their moderator muscles. Here are some key suggestions on how to overcome them: Start the session with some simple and general questions about the topic of the research. We've even had a few brave readers pose their own questions too, like Tia Carmichael, an eighth grade teacher looking for advice on a new vocabulary program or Mrs. W who is seeking help on teaching in a multi-age classroom. Join the moderator's Goodreads group here. ... BT Group and Telstra. Remember that as a moderator, your job is to help continue the conversation going, not to engage in debate. be viewed by Goodreads members who are 18 and older. Now, many of you may have already joined a group, but I want to challenge you to participate at a deeper level: Start your own discussion thread and moderate it. When you do delete a To move a keep the group clean. If someone is taking a tone in your thread that you think is breaching some rules of netiquette, start with a gentle overall message to the entire thread reminding people of how to engage online. MUST be designated for adults only (18+). Less than 6 may not provide the level of participation needed to maximise the results and more than 8 may be a challenge for a single moderator to effectively manage. BT and Telstra, both telecommunications firms at heart (although BT does significantly more than that … California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosures. comments. As a moderator, you get alerted to new people that comment on your thread, and the more recent the comment, the higher up on the list of discussions your thread appears. I want to encourage all of our readers to join a group if you haven't already done so. This will cause the discussion Massage the conversation with questions or statements that develop further inquiry. One of the most important elements for instructors who uses online discussions is instructor presence. Remind everyone the point of this discussion is for everyone to share equally. book's page and help drive new members. group's creator can delete a group. attention that a member is actually 17 or younger, you MUST remove this people’s right to share content that is meaningful to their book-related Sometimes threads that catch fire are hard to identify. If your group is designated for adults only (18+) and it comes to your For example, any abusive language and explicit content are obvious exclusions, but just how far will you let something such as criticism go? It's about the community who adopts it, and the members who keep it growing. If a group is designated for adults only (18+) – whether it includes Beyond that, contact your discussion group facilitator at Edutopia and we'll take it from there. Currently on the middle school discussion boards, we have every topic from Differentiation in a Middle School Classroom to advice on resources to combat Bullying in the Middle School. The purpose of the forum is for people to help each other in their use of Firefox (or Thunderbird). and explicitly sexual content or scenarios are not permitted. That's the beauty of online discussion threads. older who wishes to join. Moderators can add other moderators. a member will block them from re-joining. this, please reach out to us using our. next to the topic title. If you have any questions regarding It's just plain neighborly. Removing We suggest leaving all member comments except for blocked users management page. list from the for the "add title" link on the members page. discussion of erotica or not - its discussion board and content can only features explicit content (for instance, erotica groups), then your group The entire Edutopia community tends to be a polite crowd, but as with any conversation, book club, or online community, a moderator should be thoughtful when flexing their moderator muscles. discussing, but personal attacks are not necessary. moderator approval. All moderators of a group have full moderator powers. Edutopia® and Lucas Education Research™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of the George Lucas Educational Foundation in the U.S. and other countries. particularly active, or want to leave the group. the decision that this is not appropriate for our site. or direct personal attacks on other members. This will make the book you are reading However only the explicit language is a regular part of some of this discussion. Arguing is often part of comment that members may miss, note you have done so and why, so members discussions, such as photos of book settings or photos that represent Be flexible. They are a dialogue, and we've got some great minds in our groups with all different kinds of perspectives to learn from. members page. Moderators have the power to remove any member from the group. If you engage with your organisation’s stakeholders in some way online, and you allow two-way conversations to happen, then it is highly advisable for your company or not-for-profit (or charity/association) to develop online community guidelines. Use your “instructor presence” to motivate and encourage students. A Simple Guide To Create Online Community Guidelines. Make sure people know not to interrupt. People use Goodreads to discuss books. Thank people for their comments. Roll with it or get them back on track gently, but be prepared if yours is not the direction your participants want to take the conversation. We suggest you do this if you aren't We understand that imagery and For groups that are not designated “private,” Organize and stimulate group discussion by creating new topics about I want to encourage all of those who have joined to try to comment on a thread and jump into a conversation. Listen to what others have to say and don't feel the need to comment on each comment especially if the conversation has its own momentum. I generally blog about topics from policy to practice, but today I want to bring your attention to discussion groups here at Edutopia. Look Note that members can also edit or delete their own Be an Active Listener - focus on what is being said; use respondent comments as you paraphrase/summarize; nod your head; lean forward as you listen. We respect that will help you. Post your question, and then see who bites. in which case, a moderator must approve any Goodreads member age 18 and know what happened. Remember, the success of a discussion group is not about the person who created it. I've posted some just-for-fun threads asking What Is Your Favorite Teacher Movie of All Time, as well as "What's Your Favorite Teaching/Learning Quote of All Time." How about a Forum or a Blog? Goodreads members who are 18 and older can join the group without Organize and stimulate group discussion by creating new topics about subjects the group wants to discuss. Just because you started the conversation, doesn't mean you're the expert. The first step with any online discussion platform should be to establish some guidelines about what will and will not be acceptable. Even if you get only one really practical response, that can be enough to improve your own practice, or your readers' practice; and that's what it's about in the end. the following: spam, porn, extremely offensive material (eg Pro-Nazi, etc), You can add and remove moderators, and add moderator titles on the Sometimes conversations go into directions you didn't anticipate. Tips on Running Your Group Fill out the group setting info and add a description and a photo for the group. Learn from those who comment. For example, an ideal size for a real-time online focus group is 8 participants, 1 moderator and 1 or 2 observers. Remember to share the air. Moderators may also choose to make their adults only (18+) group “private,” A moderator may face a number of challenges when conducting a real-time online focus groups or discussion boards. feelings about a book and the characters, including erotica. If your group is a bookclub, make sure to add the book you are reading


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