It's quite a small hedgehog, only reaching about 6 to 7 inches and weighing between half a pound and a pound. Though they bear a similar name to a domesticated hedgehog, this different species is found only in the wild. It's also noted that this species is quite a fast runner due to its lighter, but still effective, needle protection. ​The North African hedgehog, or Atelerix algirus, are a decently small species that rarely exceed 8 inches in length. What Eats Hedgehogs? It's also located in a smaller region, randing from Eastern Europe to Western Asia. Other species, such as Southern African hedgehogs, are simply not sold as pets anywhere outside of their natural habitat. Solitary, nocturnal, and energetic, they can run as much as five miles a night! This species prefers to live in mountainous regions and arid deserts in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Did you know that all hedgehogs are considered exotic pets? 16 Different Types Of Hedgehogs 1. Hedgehog Predator List (10 Examples), 92 Hedgehog Breeders Near You With Hedgehogs For Sale (List), How Much Does A Hedgehog Cost? This species is native to a few regions, including the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the more arid regions of East Asia. Native to Central Asia, the Amur hedgehog can grow up to a foot long. It's very similar to other species of hedgehogs in many ways, having the same sleep, behavioral, and mating patterns as a plethora of other species. ​The Desert Hedgehog, ​Paraechinus aethiopicus​, is one of the smallest hedgehog species in existence, with adults ​​​only reaching about 6 to 8 inches in length. However, specimen were recently found in India, ​​​thus changing its conservation status to 'of least concern'. This species has quite a unique defense strategy. While most hedgehogs curl into a ball to defend themselves, they've taken a different approach. concolor​ has a white spot on its chest. Found across much of Europe, these are often called the common hedgehog. (2020 Cost Breakdown), Hedgehogs for Sale: Best Places to Buy & Adopt Hedgehogs in 2020, Are Hedgehogs Nocturnal? This makes it difficult to identify this species from afar. They're found throughout a good portion of the ​Middle East and the northern edge of Africa. The Types of Hedgehogs Around the World In case you didn’t know, there are about 14 different species of hedgehogs. We’ll introduce you to 17 different types of hedgehogs, including both domesticated breeds and wild species. African Pygmy Hedgehog Image Credit: szabfer, Pixabay. Size: Up to 10 inches. It was also found in some districts of Kerala. They can be found in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. ​The bare-bellied hedgehog, or ​Paraechinus nudiventris​, was originally thought to be ​extremely rare and even extinct. ​Also known as Eranaceus concolor, the southern white-breasted hedgehog is very similar in several ways to European hedgehogs. The last of four domesticated hedgehog breeds, these animals are native to India and Pakistan. Not too much is known about this specific species of hedgehog despite the fact that the very common African pygmy hedgehog is a cross between a North African and a four-toed. No pictures of bare-bellied hedgehogs have been made available as of yet, but they are noted as having similar physical features to other Indian hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are not naturally found in New Zealand and England; instead, they are imported. Native to Central China and Manchuria, the voracious appetite of the Hugh’s hedgehog sometimes leads it to look for food during the daytime — a behavior not shared by other hedgehogs. While they are frequently compared to the long-eared hedgehog in mannerisms and appearance, there are a few differences that exist. In general, these are hedgehogs that are widely accepted by most people. Brandt's hedgehogs will tend to resort to curling itself up in a ball for protection, but they may also jump at their attackers. ​Also known as the Manchurian hedgehog or ​Erinaceus amurensis​​​​, the Amur hedgehog is also very similar to the European hedgehog in both ​behavior and appearance, although it is lighter in color. Found in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the Southern White-Breasted hedgehog differs from the European mainly by its white belly and its habit of making a nest from grass as opposed to digging. Another​​​ difference between this hedgehog and the European species is that the former doesn't dig dens. ​Long-eared hedgehogs​ are very fast hedgehogs -- easily among the top 3 fastest species. Zach is a life-long pet owner and enthusiast. I’m not sure about animal laws in France, but regardless, I would leave it be If you want to help feed it, though, you could leave some cat food out for it like the ones we’ve highlighted in this post. With its widespread existence, there hasn't been a significant population decline. One interesting quirk about the Hugh's hedgehog is that it actively searches for food even during the daytime and during rainy weather. ​The northern white-breasted hedgehog, ​Erinaceus roumanicus​, was originally thought to be a subspecies of its southern counterpart, but was eventually determined to be its own species. Location-wise, desert hedgehogs are located in quite a few places. It has very dark fur and quills, and much larger ears than most hedgehogs. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. When threatened, a desert hedgehog's muscles pull the outer layer of skin around the body, resulting in their quills sticking straight out in all directions. ​They primarily live in sandy desert areas, but can also be found in mountainous regions with a lot of water. Found all over the world, hedgehogs are a fascinating animal that tends to go unnoticed. Each of these 16 species comes from Europe, Africa, or Asia and can either look very similar to different to other species. Each of these breeds comes from a different region and has unique characteristics that differentiate them from other breeds.


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