The sixth grade was made in silver without enamel over the shoulders of the cross. VI grade, Silver Cross. Nach der Ausrufung zum Königreich kam danach eine eckige Krone (2. The order had a while enamelled maltese cross with golden or silver edges according to the grade. Mounted on original ribbon. Für Militärverdienste konnte das Ordenszeichen ab diesem Zeitpunkt auch mit gekreuzten Schwertern The Order of St Alexander (Bulgarian: Орден "Свети Александър") was the second highest Bulgarian order during the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Die Collane ist aus Löwen gebildet, die wechselweise ein Medaillon mit und ohne Krone halten. The first grade was worn with a crimson moire ribbon over the right shoulder with a rosette in the edge. Bulgaria, Kingdom. Dezember 1881 durch Fürst Alexander I. von Bulgarien gestiftet und konnte für besondere Staatsdienste, Tapferkeit und persönliches Wohlwollen des Monarchen an In- und Ausländer verliehen werden. Atop the cross was a royal crown. The Grand Cross, established in 1908, was also similar to the initial issue but the cross was enamelled in green and in the middle of the pendant was placed a crowned Bulgarian lion. The other grades are like the first issue but smaller in size. V grade, Officer Cross. Тодор Петров, „Ордени и медали в България“. Order of St.Alexander - Cross 5th Class, with Crown, in silver and enamels. Awarded to senior state officers and military personnel.It was worn with a scarf over the shoulder. Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 7:31 PM. The introduction of the Imperial Order of St. Alexander Nevsky was planned by Emperor Peter I of Russia. 1998 Тодор Петров, „Българска Енциклопедия от А-Я“. EU15061 Add to Compare. The cross was with white enamel, it was worn on the chest with triangle red ribbon with rosette, it had no star. Modell) zur Verwendung. The cross was with white enamel, it was worn with red ribbon and had a star. The Order of St Alexander (Bulgarian language: Орден "Свети Александър" ) was the second highest Bulgarian order during the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Awarded to senior state officers and military personnel. I grade, Grand Cross. III grade, Commander Cross. The Order of St Alexander (Bulgarian: Орден "Свети Александър") was the second highest Bulgarian order during the Kingdom of Bulgaria. The star was of similar design with green ring around the crowned lion on red background. View; EU17019 Add to Compare. The order was established with a decree on 25 December 1881 in honour of the patron saint of Alexander Batenberg. Das Revers des Medaillons ist weiß emailliert und trägt in goldenen Lettern das dreizeilige Datum 19. On the reverse there was a white background with inscription 19 ФЕВРАЛЪ 1878 (19 February 1878) - the date of the signing of the Treaty of San Stefano. The Ottoman sultans Abdul Hamid II and Mehmed V were respectively awarded the Grand and Lesser Necklace of the Order of St Alexander with diamonds. Sale Date. IV grade, Officer Cross. View. The order was awarded to Bulgarian and foreign citizens with the personal benevolence of the Bulgarian monarch, who was the Grand Master. It was established by Knyaz Alexander I and named after his patron saint (Alexander Nevsky). „Каталог Български ордени и медали“. The Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky was abolished after the 1917 Russian Revolution, along with all other orders and titles of the Russian Empire. The cross was with white or green enamel (according to the emission), it was worn with red ribbon and had no star. View. It had its own eight-ray silver star with the obverse of the order placed in the middle.


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