I’ve looked at the CosDNA list for all 3 products and there isn’t a bunch of overlap that I can tell. I loved the “toner” as it gave me a little glow but nothing drastic. I’d love to get the same benefits and save some extra money. I am not entirely sure if my Time Revolution Essence is okay though. Thanks to the Internet, people from around the world have found complete strangers who resemble or even look exactly like them. I do have a question, do you prefer the Missha First Treatment Essence or should i purchase the Aloe BHA toner from Benton? In fact, it wasn’t until January of this year that I finally took the plunge. A couple of years ago, I was commiserating with a lifelong friend over the high price tag on SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. So far I have delved into the Benton skincare line and their steam cream & essence are amazing! But I’ve always felt that for the price (average round $229), it didn’t fit my budget. How do you use missha fte and your tretinoin tratment? It hasn’t turned back time, but then, nothing really does (except retinol and acid peels). In addition to the yeast ferment ingredient, Missha’s First Treatment Essence contained some of my favorite skincare actives, including: Licorice Root – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, brightening Have you tried the Intensive version? I pinpointed my allergy to propylene glycol, which I’m now avoiding. A 150mL bottle of SK-II Essence will cost you a whopping $155, which is why my friend and I were so put out. It has such a huge following – it must be working for a lot of people! Thanks so much for this review. But what about the texture? I discovered your site about two months ago and I’ve really appreciated your thorough review of products. I am, however, confused where it would fit in my regimen. My sister and I both had a bad reaction to su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick and their Waterful Emulsion and i’m also experiencing a little irritation from this product as well (we’re both allergic to Penicillin). Is a mist just less concentrated than an essence? After a bad allergic reaction to antibiotics, my skin was rough with acne scarring. It’s an Asian toner meant for moisturizing, as opposed to a Western toner, which are usually astringent. After coveting SK-II facial treatment essence for a long time, I bought it and then discovered I am allergic to something in it–I developed red blotches and teeny tiny whiteheads (my skin is usually normal, clear, and a bit oily in the T zone and eye area). I’d tested an exfoliating product in the days leading up to the breakout that I suspect was the source of my spots. I really appreciate all of the work you put into each of your reviews, and they have been a tremendous help to me as I’ve embarked on a more comprehensive AB skin care routine. Hi there. I just wanted to post this somewhere to warn others who *may* be very sensitive to products, since I haven’t really seen anything online about other allergic reactions. New Spring/Summer 2014 Korean Skincare Releases & Makeup Trends with Alice of W2Beauty. […] note, in doing research for this article I came across another blog’s review of SK-II Essence which I thought was quite good. Around the same time I purchased a small bottle of SK-II First Treatment Essence so I could compare the two. Skincare guides & product reviews for hydration lovers & the moisture barrier obsessed. More about me ». hey, i’ve been using sk II essence for awhile now but it’s to pricy but i LOVE it to bits!! Do you think that the niacinamide in this would interfere with a vitamin c serum worn during the daytime? Also, i have pigmentations and acne scars that are lightened by SK II effectively. Maybe, I should try just the FTE by itself…. Basically, it’s a wonder product that more and more beauty brands are using. Would this replace it or fit somewhere else in my regimen. March 15, 2013 | Asian Skincare, Reviews, Skincare, Toner. When I first saw the longer list, my initial reaction was, “uh-oh.”  Sometimes a longer ingredient list can mean more potential for irritants. Hold up, are Missha and SK-II basically sisters from different misters? I got it from Wishtrend (so should be fine) but it doesn’t smell as nice as SK-II and once stung when a bit got in my eyes. It’s not overpowering by any stretch of the imagination. It contains: Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate(90%), Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Aqua (Water/ Eau), Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid. Debunking Skincare Myths: An Interview With Cosmetic Chemist, Perry Romanowski Quality: 4/5 – It contains 90% of its active ingredient and not a lot of fillers. This shows that the Fist Treatment Essence should be used immediately after your double cleansing steps. So began my essence experiment. Help! Thanks for sharing your experience. Missha takes the cake even if it was sold for SK-II prices. This is how I discovered Missha’s First Treatment Essence, a similar product that sells for $53 for a 150 mL bottle, about a third of the cost of the SK-II version. However, once I took a closer look, I liked the ingredients I saw. When I went to NY fashion week this past February I was given a bunch of SK-II products to try out. One can hope, right? I have been using it at night and using Shiseido Eudermine in the morning. Learn how your comment data is processed. Missha is the clear winner of this smackdown! How long did it take to help your Roseacea? This is just the small “trial” bottle. We’re actually a little surprised Missha is so affordable and confused as to why we’ve been shelling out $179 for SK-II over the years. It was awful! I decided I would try to find a suitable dupe for the SK-II essence. I haven’t tried the Dior ONE Essential Serum yet, but I’ve just added it to my ever-growing shopping list. The SK-II brand does have a great reputation and a lot of brand loyalists. Hi Kerry, thank you for the comprehensive review and I’m so glad for the CosDNA link! Perhaps other than these humectants, what I really love about Missha as well is that it uses bigida ferment lysate, another yeast that supposedly is painstakingly difficult to produce. Full ingredients and safety reports. The pamphlet in the Missha Essence box has a handy product map to show you what order to use the products in. Would love to collab on something if you’re down. I should get more, and I was also thinking maaaaaybe getting the SK-II because I figured I might be able to get a deal on it somewhere if I keep looking but I think I’ll ignore that one. If you’re interested in reading more about the actual studies done on yeast ferment and its effects on skin hydration and wound healing, here are the couple of studies I could find: Peptides From Live Yeast Derivative Stimulate Wound Healing Thanks for the tip! All Rights Reserved. Value: 5/5 – $53 might sound expensive out of context, but given that it’s competing with a $155 product, it’s a pretty great price. I have had the Missha FTE for about two weeks now and it hasn’t really helped my Roseacea; maybe I haven’t been using it long enough. I’ve put the time revolution on hold but maybe I’ll start using it to save $$!


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