So the team member may not be sure exactly what the expectations are or what’s to be done, but they failed to follow up to clarify. Accountability in the workplace once felt disciplinary, but Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows that accountability in project management is now about setting teams up for success. Are they accountable or not? We may have thought about it in the past as maybe a manager looming over you asking for something maybe that you did or didn’t do. Accepting responsibility requires clarity in what is expected. This is the strongest thing is to document and give it to everyone on the team so that they have proof or they have something that they can look at to see what they’re responsible for and what every team member is responsible for. Today we have so many tools and apps that can support the task visibility and time tracking. It’s not so easy, is it? The team member may be embarrassed to go back and ask, they may be somewhat intimidated by the manager, they may just be flat out apathetic and they really don’t care, and they may have too many competing requests and they just really don’t have time to go back to the person. Time management software helps you better manage your team. Get real-time data for better team management. It's free for 30 days. And again, ask any questions. Jennifer defines accountability as an obligation. Giving tough feedback isn’t easy, but you can get better at it. So make sure they know who they report into. But if you need a tool that can help you with your accountability with your team members, then sign up for our software now at Well, there could be reasons for that. If you think about it it’s an important measure of employee success. Pro-Tip: A project management tool that supports task visibility and time tracking would be ideal for implementing these accountability tips. Where it had once had the taint of punishment, comparable to being under the thumb of a manager, that definition has since changed to being more positive. Make sure everyone knows who does what and get feedback in concurrence. When looked at in this light, accountability is an important measure of employee success. Get a Free 30-Day Trial of Our PM Software, 3 Ways to Improve Your Digital Project Management, How Data Visualization Tools Can Improve Your Project Management, How Gap Analysis Can Improve Your Project Management. And then number five, send alerts, triggers, and notifications. So this gives a little bit more information about accountability and so you can ascertain whether the team members are being accountable or not. Let everyone know who reports to who. The barriers and benefits of holding others accountable in the workplace. To underscore how important it is to look at each situation as unique, Jennifer offered some scenarios where accountability is not immediately clear. Barriers to Accountability in the Workplace. Accountability is a word that has evolved in its meaning, at least in the world of project management, said Jennifer. So here’s a common scenario that we see in the workplace. It’s best not to make too many assumptions and be open to the possibility that there is more at play than you can gleam from the encounter. But ensure that everyone is accountable, that they really know. However, accountability needs context. It’s an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility. Make sure that each person knows and understands, give them the opportunity to ask questions. Here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard for your reference! We don’t really know at this point because maybe they don’t have the information that they need to get the work done. Merely saying … Number one, define roles and responsibilities for every team member. Then, what if the team member doesn’t follow up for whatever reason, maybe they’re embarrassed or feel intimidated by the manager? Definition of Accountability. And here’s my biggest tip, is to use tools. Let everyone know when tasks or deliverables are due, and set up any kind of notification so they know in advance. We’ve probably all been in those situations where someone was expecting something from us, but we were the last one to know. But today, we think about it…we’re really trying to set our team members up for success. So, how is accountability defined in project management? Jennifer offered a handful of suggestions to help maneuver through the minefield of accountability. Give people the opportunity to let you know if it’s reasonable that that can be completed in that timeframe.


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