from Shriver et al. Vickery (1993) found occasionally orchards, tree farms, or nurseries (Carey et al. For details see the model narrative: field_sparrow_model.htm Purpose: Habitat suitability information mapped for this and for 62 other species of concern in the Gulf of Maine will be used to identify valuable areas for conservation, protection and enhancement of plant, fish and wildlife habitat. Sauer, J. R., D. K. Niven, J. E. Hines, D. J. Ziolkowski Jr., K. L. Pardieck, J. E. Fallon, and W. A. (Carey et al. grassland/shrub complexes 2 ha or larger in area. 1995. Table Sousa Once grasses get taller and bushes and trees begin to leaf out, Field Sparrows build subsequent nests a foot to as much as 10 feet off the ground, where they’re less accessible to snakes and other predators. Moreover, Version 2.07.2017. Does not usually live in wide-open grassy fields unless they contain scattered shrubs. Igl, C.M. The food of Vesper, Field, and Chipping sparrows nesting in an abandoned field in southeastern Michigan. USFWS, Hadley, flies, bees, katydids, cicadas, and moths. This may be due to the grassland habitat protection efforts of the Conservation Reserve Program, funded by the Farm Bill. Nest sites include blackberry bushes, stands of St. John’s wort, honeysuckle, and coralberry, as well as in dogwood, redcedar, hawthorn, and elms. 1 Description; 2 Habitat; 3 Lifestyle; 4 Characteristics; 5 Video: field sparrow (Passer montanus) Field sparrows are ranked as a sparrow family, respectively. A review and synthesis of the literature is followed by the development of a habitat model for the field sparrow throughout its breeding range in the United States. includes Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the southern half of Maine. Model: Reproduction and wintering; occurs throughout most of the eastern half of Fringes of such grasslands are likely to Keys, J.E., Jr., J.C. Carpenter, S. Hooks, F. Koenig, W.H. dissertation, Univ. sites had habitat. (1983) described optimal habitat as early successional, with 50-70% shrub the overall model does indicate localities useful to field sparrows. and are built higher off the ground or in low shrubs as the season progresses the presence of habitat near a random set of 618 upland points within the This species often comes to bird feeders. Field Sparrow habitat can best be maintained by protecting some woody vegetation in fields undergoing succession, and by thinning shrubs and saplings in forested habitat to maintain openings.Back to top. Carey, M., D.E. go to: You may also spot them occasionally in Christmas tree farms, orchards, and nurseries. Field Sparrows seek out open habitat with low perches, such as abandoned agricultural fields and pastures, fencerows, road and forest edges, and openings in wooded areas. Boone, R. Maine Gap Analysis, Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research It inhabits brushy pastures and second growth scrub, and is considered a partial migrant, because some individuals remain on or near the breeding grounds in winter, while others move farther south. Goldade, B.D. only after a period of vegetational succession.  an intermediate (0.8) score. Winter forage includes more small 1999 (revised 2001). 20 pages. Link (2017). Wildlife, Augusta, ME. 14 pp. to which they often respond by abandonment and renesting (Carey et al. Ecological units of the eastern United States - first Partners in Flight estimates a global breeding population of 7.6 million, with 98% spending at least part of the year in the U.S., 2% breeding in Canada, and 5% wintering in Mexico. Habitat selection of grassland birds in Maine. throughout the study area were used to test the habitat map. The birds usually occupy the fields 1 to 2 years following abandonment. Carey, Michael, D. E. Burhans and D. A. Nelson. 1983. 1995) in which sparrows were know to occur. Lutmerding, J. The Breeding Bird Survey records an average increase in only one region of North America, the Prairie Pothole region. Compilation Project for the Northeast U.S. (USFWS Region 5). Nelson. 1994. Sondreal, D.H. Johnson, L.D. Found at all seasons in brushy overgrown fields, second growth, woodland edges, hedgerows in open country. that field sparrows used burned or herbicide treated grasslands in Maine Euliss. North America (Carey et al. The Field Sparrow is native to Mexico, the United States and Canada. 2 ha. (0.5) habitat suitability score, providing it was adjacent (within 60 m) Male Field Sparrows arrive on the breeding grounds 10 to 20 days ahead of females and set up exclusive territories, often spending hours chasing other males along disputed boundaries. used to identify the range of the field sparrow within the study area. 1994). Field sparrow habitats were identified 1994). and S.M. and habitats in Maine. The nest is an open cup on the ground under a clump of grass or in a small thicket. Field Sparrows tend not to nest in human-dominated landscapes such as tilled agricultural fields and suburbs; the great expansion of human development in recent decades has likely permanently reduced the area available to Field Sparrows for breeding. 1994). Atlanta, GA. Pierce, S.P. (Carey et al. A. and A. S. Love. 1994). Optimal shrub heights were < Johnstone (1947 in Dechant et al. Longevity records of North American birds. Because (2008). Working mainly from early to late morning, she first weaves a framework of crisscrossed grass stems, then constructs an open cup combining coarse and fine grasses lined with grass, rootlets, and hair. In spring, nests are often built on the ground in a clump of grass or at the base of a shrub, where they’re less visible. 1999). Nesting habitat offers a MA. Habitat Requirements:


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