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What’s the largest dog breed?

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So ya wanna know what the largest dog breed is, eh? Well, there’s a few ways to answer that question. There’s height, and there’s weight. If you’re looking to see which is the tallest of the group of the largest breeds, then you’ve got your sights set on our number one pick for the largest breed dog…

Irish Wolfhound
1. The Irish Wolfhound: These gentle giants have been known to grow to as tall as 35 inches at the shoulder, and weigh in at over 180 lbs! The Irish Wolfhound is an extremely friendly breed that’s great with kids and very affectionate.

2. The English Mastiff: Another gentle giant is the English Mastiff. These loving breeds are not quite as tall as the Wolfhound, averaging at around 28-30″, but they have more physical mass. Some of them have been known to have gotten up to 220 lbs at the largest.


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