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The 5 Best Dogs for Families

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So, its come the time for a family Dog!  The thing is Families today come in all kinds  of shapes and sizes, but the good thing is so do all our furry friends. So which dog might be best for your pack?  Our team came up with a  top 5  list so you can find out which four legged family member might best fit your home.





Personality – The Newfoundland is a dog with a sweet temperament. They are intelligent, generous , peaceable ,calm , and obedient with their master. They are devoted, loyal, trustworthy, rarely bark and are great with kids. They can be protective if they need to be but generally are able to understand the difference between a pack member, friend or intruder. They are sociable and tend to get along with other dogs and animals.

Size –  Height :  Male 30 inch  Female  27 inch

Weight : Male 140- 175 lbs Female 110- 155

Living conditions-    Will do okay in an apartment if they get enough exercise. They are relatively inactive indoors and a small yard would be sufficient. Make sure there is always cool water and a shaded place for them to lie.

 Life Expectancy _ 9-15 years

 Exercise – The Gentle Giant will laze around your house as much as you let him but needs to be taken on a daily walk. Newfoundland’s are born swimmers and will love every chance they get to be in the water.

 Grooming – Daily to Weekly Brushing . Undercoat sheds twice a year. Avoid bathing unless necessary as it strips away coats natural oils. Dry shampoo works great.


4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Family

Personality  - These dogs are lovable well mannered , energetic,  intelligent dogs with great charm . They are easily trained because they respond well to rewards. They are always patient and gentle with children . They are a popular family dog .

Size – Height : Male 23-24 inch Female 21-22 inch

Weight : Male 65 – 75 lbs Female 60 -70lbs

Living Conditions- This breed can do all right in an apartment if they get enough exercise. They are moderately active indoors and will do best with at least a medium to large yard.

Life expectancy – 10-12 years

Exercise – The Golden Retriever needs to be taken on a daily, brisk, long walk  jog or run alongside you when you bicycle.

Grooming- Easy-to groom come and brush as needed . Dry shampoo regularly

Bathe as needed. Average shedder.


3. Pug

Pug with Family

Personality  – Neither excitable or dull this little guy or girl is animated peppy social and spirited, loyal loving and affectionate with family.

Size-  Height :  Males  12-4 inches       Females 10-12 inches

Weight : Males 13-20 pounds   Females 13-18 pounds

Living conditions -The Pug is good for apartment life .It is relatively inactive indoors and will do OK without a yard. Can’t cope with extreme cold or hot and should be kept indoors to deal with weather.

Life Expectancy- 12-15 years

Exercise -Daily walks

Grooming – Brush and comb with a firm bristle brush and shampoo only when necessary. This breed sheds heavily seasonally.
2. Beagle

Personality -The beagle is a tail wager, they are sociable brave intelligent sweet and gentle. They are excellent with small children  and generally good with other dogs,  but because of their hunting instincts should not be trusted with non canine pets   unless socialized with small animals like cats  as a puppy.  They need firm training but  making a beagle part of your family pack  can be truly

Size –  Height: Males 14-16 inches  Females 13-15 inches

Weight: Males 22-25 pounds  Females 20-13 pounds

Living Conditions- Beagles will be ok in an apartment as long as they get a chance to be outside. A small yard should work fine. They are very active indoors.

Exercise – Beagles have a lot of energy and stamina , they do best with daily brisk walks.

Life Expectancy  12-15 years

Grooming – Brush with a firm bristle brush and bath with mild soap only when necessary. Average shedder •


1. Labrador Retriever

Personality – One of the most popular breeds in the USA and for a good reason, Labradors are intelligent dogs who are loyal, loving ,affectionate, and patient making a great family dog. Labs are also easily trained as like golden retrievers they are eager to please. Will be reserved with strangers unless socialized.

Size –  Height:  Male  22-24 inches       Females    21 -23 inches

Weight: Male  60-75 pounds   Females 55-70 pounds

Living Conditions- Will be ok in an apartment if they get enough daily exercise. Do best with an average size yard.

Exercise – These energetic dogs do best with Daily long brisk walks

Life Expectancy – 10-12 years

Grooming- Easy to groom , brush regularly with a bristle brush. Bathe and shampoo when necessary.


Finally whatever dog you find right for your home please check back with us for food suggestions as we would love to help you make the best decision when it comes to feeding your new family member as literally makes a huge difference what you feed your dog. And one last four legger you all should consider…..


The Rescue Mutt !

All families should be encouraged to rescue a puppy or older dog and although a lot of the time the rescue mutt doesn’t have a distinguishable breed they all are happy to have a new home. Adopting literally means saving a life. The only gamble is when getting a mixed breed puppy the size isn’t always predictable .




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