The general consensus is that ARR is pretty rough. I enjoyed it from the word go. But I assume you're not looking for the exact same experience in any case. Just be patient and push through, your patience will be greatly rewarded. There have been moments of brilliance, usually involving Y’Shtola and voice acted cutscenes, but those have been few and far between so far. Might I suggest WoW? It does get better as you level up, and leveling up is quicker now that Stormblood is out. Some classes/jobs start feeling fleshed out earlier than others, some take quite a while. In the long term, let's just say the expansions are better story, less filler quests that don't contribute, and just higher quality. The trial account system was changed recently, so you can play upto level 35 with no time limit. There is no speed xp as everything is locked behind MSQ. TL;DR : Go into free trial if you can, try Pugilist and Rogue, maybe even Archer, and it DOES get better later. Play something else. If ARR is an anime with 100 episodes, I would say maybe 20-30 episodes are interesting, the rest are just filler episodes. ARR and immediate post-ARR is usually seen as the weakest bit of the game. FFXIV actually has more classes than WoW. If you expect to be max level with all your abilities and traits into endgame content by next week then I'd say unlikely unless you purchase a lvl boost/MSQ skip. Watch a few from different Jobs too. Once you reached HW, you will start to experience one of the best storylines the game has to offer. It does get better as you level up, and leveling up is quicker now that Stormblood is out. Basically every job gets more active at higher level, since even if the game has a GCD of 2.5s, numerous off-GCDs and stats like Skillspeed or Spellspeed (which make the GCD go faster) make everything quicker and funier. 50 onwards is when you kit truly begins to diverse and you get key abilities that'll change how your entire job plays. I’m a relatively new player even though I’ve owned the game since Heavensward first game out. Theses stacks make you attack faster and harder, and it's one of the most fast-paced gameplay in this game. So a few things to mention: The combat is slightly slower for sure, especially in lower levels. You won't be missing out on doing something like you might in WoW. But if you can get past that, then it starts resemble a coherent story instead of mini episodes. HW is what makes me fall in love with the game. Yes it gets faster once you get OCD abilities and the story picks up post ARR. The base game is horrible in terms of story. For a chance of pace, I would suggest toying around with other jobs, or side quests. Yes, the game starts slow. I've been playing the FFXIV trial. Maybe I’m just lazy and don’t want to read 6 paragraphs of dialogue in a row while sitting 10 feet away from the TV every time I accept a quest but I do want to give this game a full 100% chance. Is there a different class you recommend that feels a bit faster? I only really like playing my job in dungeons etc tho so I could be an outlier because I could care less about story. Or should I just bare with it until I reach group content? FFXIV just may not be the one for you. I dont remember the name of the class, but it I think I was wielding a spear...I believe I til I was around Level 15. Don't skip voiced cutscene. Or maybe mario. I’ll definitely push to level 50 by the end of April then thanks! If you’re at level 23 then you’re really just getting started. My advice is to reach 2.3 (level 50 post-game) ASAP. Leveling was the most infuriating, slow, annoying, drawn out, patronizing experience I've had in a game, and only stayed bc best friend and gf were into it and I wanted a fun game to play with them. (36) Reply With Quote. Don't farm mobs for xp as dungeons gives much more. But until 5.3 releases we're still talking about ARR being a 30-50 hour endavour unless you literally bum rush it. A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. The combat speeds up as you level. It will slow down again after you complete ARR and are in the inter-game content. I'm on lvl 18 now. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When do the quests get more interesting than “clear out these pests” or “deliver these items”. Thank you. from 30 onwards, gets good, then from 50 to patch 2.55 gets a lot better, and Heavensward the expansion is basically the best story in a FF game in a decade. As a lv15 lancer you would have only been doing 24. I thought the story of arr was good, despite the actual tasks being a little meh. 30 is when it gets better imo but like most are saying 50+ also depends on the job youre playing and what you like. It's a slow rise, but the 50/60/70 plateaus are really what you're working toward at any given time. I wouldn’t even say ARR is bad per se, but it does have some serious pacing issues. I've played the Final Fantasy games since I was a kid. If story doesn't draw you in as your priority, then you can reference videos or the Inn and watch cutscenes at your leisure like a mini-movie. I'm still waiting. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Just hang in there and focus on the story. 05-18-2014 10:01 PM #8. Once you hit a certain level (for Lancer, you progress to Dragoon at 30), you advance to a new class, which starts to bring with it its full array of abilities and mechanics. The game is slow paced compared to Wow, if you can't get over it, it's no use. Since there's a lot of salt in some of these comments, I'll throw my own two cents in here. On top of that, as you rise through the levels you will also earn cooldowns and traits that will affect your abilities in some way. Press J to jump to the feed. The story will make you move slow. Once Ishgard starts showing up more in your quests, things will be on the up and up pretty much through to Shadowbringers. But it historically has been one of the more complex melee jobs once it jumps (pun intended) into Dragoon. I enjoy the game and I enjoyed other online games like Final Fantasy XI and WoW. Im also into Tanking, and would prefer doing that if possible. WoWs Profession system doesnt really work anymore. I'm trying to push through it cuz people keep telling me its the best game around, but i'm losing my patience. The developers know its kinda slow to start and that the base game turns some people off of the game. It depends of what you're looking for. I play this game with friends and because I enjoy learning the fights/playing with glam. For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Does the story ever get good . 30-50 hours of bumrush is really nothing compared to the thousands of hours people spend doing endgame gameplay and other things in the long run. Er you quit at level 15? With it's Mudra system (quick input to make different ninjutsus) and numerous off-GCD, I think it's also quite fast-paced. Mario? but please read the dialog, latter there will be a lot more voice acting than on early levels dont mworry That's why they are working to streamline it better. Pressing U (by default) will open up the Duty window (LFG finder). But this is highly subjective so not sure what you expect to be "good". I read somewhere its gonna stay like this until lvl 50 or so and i dont know if i can do this for that long. That's ultimately objective and based on what it is exactly you expect out of the game. The story itself isn't bad, it's just a combination of it needing to establish you as an adventurer and being full of fluff and fetch quests that it tends to drag on. Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. so far its such a grind with very little reward. It started picking up with the scions and took off towards end game. Get a jump potion. For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "When does this game get good? If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Currently Im in the Middle of an Expansion Burnout in World of Warcraft and want to switch things up a bit. The combat feeling slow is coming from the difference in global cooldown. I know. ". Press J to jump to the feed. But I would suggest you don't, the story does have quite a few good moments to offer and your journey through the expansions won't disappoint you.


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