Other states such as New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Hawaii specify no state-mandated restrictions on the scope of practice of veterinary assistants. Here is one possible path to becoming a veterinary assistant: Graduate from high school. Veterinary Assistant Program: This is an option for North Carolina veterinary assistants who are presently employed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2019), openings in this profession are expected to swell 19 percent between 2016 and 2026, a stronger growth projection than what’s anticipated for all occupations during that time period (7 percent). Each of the certifications requires a mix of education and experience on-the-job. In our line of work, compassion fatigue is very common. Similarly, the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) provides a CVA credential to qualifying vet assistants. All rights reserved. If you find that with all your efforts that there is no change for the positive, have the courage to then pursue a position elsewhere. These programs feature courses such as mammalian anatomy & physiology, veterinary pathology, parasitology, animal nursing, diagnostic imaging, and research methods. We try to get something in hand like a bank card or a post-dated check to hold them accountable. Certifications are also available through the NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America), which offer several options when it comes to training programs. Although there are some quality training programs in this field, there is no formal credentialing exam for veterinary assistants. Aside from knowing our own limits and stretching throughout the day, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself, your colleagues, and the patient, is communication. A high school diploma or GED equivalency will help during the training process, although they are not always required. That is often the next logical step when it comes to career advancement. Courses focus on topics like pharmacology, anesthesia, surgical assisting and aseptic techniques. National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America, Differences Between a Vet Tech and Vet Assistant. Veterinary assistants are in high demand in numerous work settings. Eddie has been a vet assistant in Adobe Animal Hospital’s ICU since November 2016. There are also 35 certificate programs across the United States that have earned the approved program distinction by the NAVTA. He returned to his formal academic studies recently and shared, “Through years of experience in a handful of different fields, I have acquired a background in training and development and an appreciation for coaching and teaching. The top end salaries in those states also exceed $40,000 per year. Courses in animal nursing, diagnostic imaging, physiology, animal terminology and anatomy help students develop the skills needed to handle and assist animals. ), Study.com / Veterinary Assistant Education Requirements. Veterinary assistants are also responsible for sanitizing equipment and prepping both operating and examination rooms. A veterinary assistant is responsible for performing a vast array of duties over the course of a typical workday. The BLS (May 2018) found that the top-paying states in this field were concentrated on the east coast: These states, however, were not necessarily the top-employing states for vet assistants, a factor which tended to vary more by state population size (BLS 2018): It’s important to note that while geographical differences in pay seem stark, the cost of living also varies considerably between regions. For example, there are 13 states in which the average salary can reach as high as $38,350 per year. The program includes a one-year membership to NAVTA and “virtual field trips” to enhance training, in addition to a 120-hour supervised externship. As mentioned above, some states provide veterinary assistant certification. The majority of veterinary assistant courses are built around scientific principles. The AVA credential is valid for two years. I would recommend that they volunteer or intern at different clinics, shelters or rescue facilities in their area. In addition to those duties, a day as a vet assistant consists of multitasking and prioritizing our daily activities. Also, many certificate programs have established connections with local facilities and that could lead to immediate employment. Taking care of the patients. A day in the life as a TA is quite remarkable and can be stressful. Veterinary assistants are typically employed by animal clinics and veterinary hospitals, sometimes working nights, weekends, and holidays to meet the needs of their veterinary patients. Here are the self-reported median annual salaries of respondents according to years of experience: As mentioned above, veterinary assistant salaries also vary substantially by region, with higher salaries generally located in coastal regions. (Veterinary Assistant Education Requirements. The TA is an entry-level position here. In fact, the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERC 2019) found that the top five most costly states were Hawaii, the District of Columbia, California, New York, and Oregon. The possibilities can begin to open up as the veterinary field is in need of more workers every year. We try to give accurate estimates and options to set expectations, but the doctors don’t look at the financials: they examine the patients and determine what needs to be done. At this stage, students are encouraged to volunteer in local animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, farms, laboratories, and other environments to garner hands-on experience working with animals. Our business is often quite sad with the passing of patients that we make relationships with; even the mere sight of our patients suffering is enough to break our hearts. Since your days vary widely, what are some of your favorite responsibilities? There are varied paths to becoming a veterinary assistant. People go into this profession for the animals and not to deal with people, but the truth is that you end up dealing with people just as much (if not more) than the pets. We have a care credit card and we go through the application with them. Certifications are issued upon the completion of distance learning programs as well. © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. Students have 150 minutes to complete the test once the exam window has been opened and must pass with a score of at least 75 percent. For more information on how to join this career, please visit the how to become a vet tech anesthetist page.


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