Granted, Vegeta most likely wouldn't reach this level of rage during a fight against Wonder Woman, but it's still worth considering. In a weakened state Superman lifts the weight of the Earth for five days. (I don't believe you've provided a sufficient argument for Goku being faster than light.). Meaning that the entire macrocosm could have been threatened. During the tournament of power goku got multipe power increases as he was being slapped around by jiren in ssbkk x20 in the beginning but was able to contend with a less supressed jiren later on in the same state so maybe another 10x boost, All of this into consideration mui post t.o.p. I'll start by addressing Vegeta's strength. Yout move@nickzambuto. After absorbing Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Gohan, his power more than doubled, and yet Goku and Vegeta were skillful enough to evade all of his attacks for an extended period of time, despite his ludicrous accuracy (killing every human has gotta be one of the best accuracy feats in fiction). Against Piccolo Jr. at the 23ed Budokai, Goku endured numerous grievous injuries, not the least of which being numerous broken bones, two shattered legs, his arm nearly being burned off, and a fist sized hole straight through his chest. While we do here Trunks say Vegeta could destroy the entire planet he never really does even though the blast itself is very impressive. This proves that Vegeta's ki blasts can achieve power far beyond their means. Being that ss3 is a 400x–4000x multiplier of base power and ssg was 61.6 sextillion times more powerful that means ssg would be a multiplier of 246.4 septillion (246,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x) base multiplier. Let's few the following examples displaying his tremendous durability. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Being trained by Ares is pretty good, but you say that as if Goku hasn't been trained by multiple gods and Vegeta hasn't matched him on multiple occasions. First of all, if I read correctly, the two Torquasm styles don't teach fighting techniques, they're more about meditation and "resisting mental domination" or something to that effect. Bottom line; Goku has injured very durable characters before. The solar flare is a technique that flashes a bright beam of light to blind opponents; in this scene Goku sees the light, thinks of how to counter it, and easily races across the stadium to grab Master Roshi's glasses before it can reach him. If the gravity at a point reaches a certain level, it will gobble up everything around it creating a black hole according to Einstein. Punching H'el so hard that it shook the Earth and was felt from space as well as a more casual feat of him punching Mongol out to sea and shattering every widow across the Gotham seaboard. You want a more "verifiable" feat? Ss2 goku is at least 8x weaker than ss3 goku from the same arc so ss3 goku would be around 8x solar system level in the buu saga. I'd also like to note that Frezia's father saying that it would take more than the destruction of a planet to put him down isn't really verifiable and that just because he survived the destruction of a planet doesn't mean Goku was hitting for planet striking punches. Then there's the planet collision feat. As for Wonder Woman's level of skill, she's certainly more of a threat than Superman, but I wonder, was she depowered during her sparring matches with Batman? And yet a wave of Vegeta's hand had him on the ground. That's the only thing he wasn't able to will through, when Great Ape Vegeta crushed him.


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