Growing tomatoes upside down has been a popular trend for several years. Filled with potting soil and topped of with fall leaves that I saved the tomatoes are now upside down! We first had this dish at Oakland House Seaside Resort in Brooksville, ME, where we stayed every summer for seven years until 2008. A cherry tomato is a nice choice if you’ll be hanging this on a patio — perfect for summertime snacking! I also planted on Roma Tomato in a 5-Gallon bucket conventionally and placed it right next to the upside down plants to compare production and health! In those days the restaurant, now closed, served a daily breakfast buffet … Stay Tuned! Today, I grabbed 2 lbs. Push the root ball of the tomato plant through the hole in the bottom of the upside down container. This upside-down tomato planter works well with both determinate and indeterminate tomato plants. Tomato plants that produce smaller sized tomatoes, such as cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes, will perform better in the upside down planter, but you can experiment with larger sizes as well. All this for a cost of less than $10.00 and I can hang 2 tomatoes! Tomatoes! The reason being that vining tomatoes put more energy into growing plant than fruit and will spread as far as possible. with a recipes for upside down tomato tart. This has been a brilliant summer for tomatoes, I’ve harvested so many and they are still ripening even though the polytunnel plants have now been affected by blight. MMZ and others: Yes, it is my understanding that bush (determinate) tomato plants are better suited for upside down planting than vining (indeterminate) tomatoes. The tomato plants should be sturdy and healthy. It also works well with a Roma tomato. of small Roma tomatoes to roast. 1 Comment.


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