dong wook and in na chemistry was so good, make me rewatch this drama more than 1 times and i was forget that they were love each other just in drama. This is only my opinion. It is also funny. So if you haven’t watched this, be sure to get on it now! Jem Mar 02 2019 11:30 pm I've been working on lawfirm, and this drama can potray lawfirm life really well but in funny way. And if you find yourself loving this drama, good news, there’s a Season 2 too! can't wait to see the next episodes especially for the kiss scene. Maria May 11 2019 3:10 pm "Touch Your Heart" is an enjoyable drama. douaa Mar 03 2019 1:14 am I laughed, cried and was excited with them. [CDATA[ It's almost a pure fanservice but I know we have seen only 4 episodes and I'm sure that some bad things are going to happen, but (and it's a huge one) this drama is making me laugh and after a stressful day at work, school y'all can relax. I'm crying. 8.8/10 from 19 users. all in all at least the ending prob gonna be a happy one. whynot Mar 01 2019 8:37 am Every episode is worth watching for! Cliche plot with odd build up of the storyline, average dialogue, so-so production and modest supporting cast....who knew, I was immensely entertained mainly because of the chemistry of the two main leads. Shine TL Apr 11 2019 9:47 pm How the actress struggles to differentiate and balance between 'real' and 'reel' world to survive. pls who knows the name of the name of the song played in episode 1 when she was imagining the character. "Touch Your Heart" is a 2019 drama directed by Park Joon Hwa. Foxy Feb 18 2019 9:07 am I totally agree with you Safira. I almost never watched a full romance drama before except Coffees Prince and Another Miss Oh (if that considered as full romance ( ^^) ). J Jing Jan 08 2020 4:42 am I'm so inlove with this couple from Goblin and now they have their own drama. But this drama was really enjoyable for me to watch and gave me so much 'kilig'. This drama really entertained me. who else finds the antagonist CEO Lee Kang joon. Loving Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na pairing to the core, such a cute and adorable couple. A happy drink will be order at the end of this sweet story! Sovie Nov 23 2019 7:20 am The story is simple yet still romantic and heart warming. :(. Yeorum and sewon boring scenes. I mean the guy treats the girl to a lovely date, then puff breaks up at the very next moment. OMG! This drama is amazing especially the main lead actor Lee Dong Wook and the lead actress Yoo In Na. Love this film so much! Jung Rok stays the night at Yun Seo’s place and runs into Hyuk Joon in the morning. Bob Aug 11 2019 6:27 pm If youre really sad or stressed right now and just wanna have some laughs or feel better, I would recommend you to watch this drama. Typical Korean ending. all the actors portrayed their characters very well. Lipika Nov 09 2018 6:23 pm Honestly, I love his control of the character. This drama good, make my mood happy. ONLY because he was told by her manager that if they are seen together it might hurt her career so he "sacrificed" himself. We are all excited!! believe me soooooo funny xoxooxoxoxoxo, Theborealis Feb 04 2019 11:45 pm Yess!! This drama super cute!! Anyway, if you haven’t, watch “Goblin.” If you have, watch it again. I like this couple.. Pichi Couple or Heart Couple, whatever it is.. Secondarily I don't know what do yall mean saying that this drama is slow. Yoo In Na is soo cute in this drama. Honesty just to painful and slow to continue watching. coco Apr 02 2019 8:30 am Nay May 17 2019 8:41 am Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na), une célèbre actrice, est empêtrée dans un scandale avec le fils d'une famille riche. He uses law to provide justice to the oppressed. Love them and my no 1 couple in kdrama for a long time to come. Hope that they would date in real life because their chemistry is just perfect!!! I've to admit that this drama is good. It’s a refreshing love type of drama, and me being the romantic geek I am, I enjoyed till the very end. For those who are contemplating if they'll read it or not, give it a try. I can't stop laughing watching each episode and it make my day happier. I had expected the ratings to go down. She’s been an absolute delight to watch, and we’re sure this drama has cemented her status as leading-lady material. Cute Yoo In Na and handsome Lee dong wook... enough for me ^,^. Finalllyyyyy. Why? He was a better actor in other dramas but in this one, disappointing! Cheers this is going to be an easy watch ❤️, tekno Feb 08 2019 5:53 pm It's more than just that. OMG Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na please both accept ._. For me seeing them together in a sweet romcom like this is the best thing I've ever witnessed in a Kdrama. One of the best Korean #RomCom ever! Too much. Storyline - 8/10 dd Feb 12 2019 8:41 am For now, I've seen none. Can't wait for this! It's entertaining anyway.... Mark Jun 12 2020 11:18 am So romantic and comedy!!! I also love the story. but now let me tell the thing i actually disliked. Their chemistry is undeniable ❤ I loved this drama so much. Also,all the actors are sooo good! People are more likely abandon her and critict her. I cant wait to see this weeks episodes! Upload/Download has been moved to the https/ssl protocol. I will be looking forward to what it's going to deliver in the remaining eps since the son of Chaebol family is making his appearance now, haruna-cchi Mar 06 2019 11:24 am This drama is oozing with so much sweetness! The teaser is giving me goblin vibes lol, Denny Dec 31 2018 12:56 am This is not a bad drama, but it's not that good either. Catya Mar 30 2019 9:37 am So many unnecessary story line. The story is lovely, and so their chemistry. This is a good drama but I'm pretty sure that it won't surpass the 10‰ viewership ratings, judging by the current plot. The story is just so- so. Actress Yoon Inna does a beautiful and very intelligent acting job in the role of this thoughtless young actress whom we see grow up and find who she really is through her first "office" date with her socially inexperienced but innately very decent and equally sincere boss. This drama could've been cut down to 8 episodes. Grace Feb 22 2019 5:30 pm B Dec 23 2018 6:21 am I think this team deserves a better production to realize its full potential. I wonder why it only has average rating, maybe a lot of people assuming it will be boring like I did on episode 1. Its a waste of talent of such good actors. They just so funny and really cute together. She seems like a warm, lovable, positive character who continues to try her best despite unfortunate circumstances, which also make her a vulnerable character.


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