Aspire IQ began as Revfluence, a marketplace where marketer and brands could discover influencers, contact them, and once both parties had agreement, manage their campaigns. But no set number defines whether you are an influencer or not (on TikTok or any other social network). advertising Subway’s new deal — $5 footlong sandwiches. He founded Influencer in 2015 when he was just 18 years old. SugarFree They probably include TikTok in this initial list because co-founder, Elena Kutsopal ran the first influencer video campaigns on (TikTok). Pass along your details so we can collaborate for future campaigns. The watch time and engagement levels on Twitch are hard to surpass, but viewers are generally exposed to less of a variety of content than they presumably would on TikTok. We have a free plan so that you can register and see how the search tool works. Whether you’re looking for a blueprint for your own campaign or simply looking for inspiration, explore highlights from some of the top performing TikTok influencer campaigns. If your brand isn’t already running TikTok influencer marketing campaigns, it’s time to jump on board. The Hashtag Challenge Plus—TikTok’s new shoppable ad format—refers to when brands sponsor hashtags and create a dedicated experience within the platform for users to explore video content and products. Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on TikTok. TikTok is an extremely popular platform, especially among the younger demographic of teens and young adults. You can also use TikTok Influencer Insight to get a feel for what an influencer’s audience is like. They will guide you towards the perfect channel for your brand, and make sure you get the most of your influencer campaign. Sociably understands the nuances and subtleties that define the luxury market and the importance of heritage, craftsmanship and the discerning customer profile. Digital Sukoon Learn how your comment data is processed. They have noticed that so far only trend-setting brands have created content for the platform. by July 28 it had amassed 1.3 billion views. You can either select a suggested influencer or choose to move onto the next person in the list. They aim to help brands reach, engage, and convert people. TikTok is just one of the networks on which Socially Powerful works with influencers. Many of the metrics you need to track are metrics that are important to keep up with on other platforms, too: TikTok’s analytics will show you the basic metrics like total video views, new follower count, or profile views. How can I run an influence campaign on TikTok ? Try phrases like “tiktok (specific niche) creator,” adding your industry or niche in the middle (“tiktok beauty creator”) to find the best influencers for you. However, all the rest of the platforms covered here refer to TikTok somewhere on their website. Performance and Influencer Marketing Agency knows how to reach teens and young adults through short videos on TikTok. Mediakix has consciously created a network of top TikTok creators., to go with their YouTubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, and most other social networks. Even the platforms that don’t explicitly mention TikTok in their influencer listings can probably help firms intent on undertaking influencer campaigns on TikTok. Challenge videos are also popular. Even for brands with smaller marketing budgets, influencer-led TikTok campaigns offer a cost-effective and creative solution to drive engagement and awareness in a short period of time. Even so, TikTok threatens to upend part of Facebook’s hard-earned success through its simplicity and virality. They recognize that top TikTok influencers can be highly effective in promoting content for brands targeting the youth sector. In the first campaign of the platform’s kind, Ralph Lauren ran a campaign to promote the U.S. Open. Using the sponsored hashtag challenge, Kroger capitalized on the platform’s shoppable content offering, enabling users to shop for a variety of products. The marketing ecosystem on TikTok is new, but brands are tapping into the platform’s advertising opportunities. or other social media platforms. The video ended in disaster with the fire alarm going off. To top it off, Ralph Lauren partnered with several TikTok creators with a combined reach of over 11 million fans. How can I verify that an influencer does not have fake followers ? All about Social Media and Customer service. We have more data than anyone else on Tiktok but we also have a lot of data on Instagram and Youtube. The pricing levels would generally put it out of reach for most small businesses. British-based influencer marketing agency. Neoreach is the brainchild of Jesse Leimgruber and Misha Talavera who pitched the idea while still attending Stanford University. It left a conspicuous space in the market for some form of tool to assist you in finding influencers. Overall, Mediakix’s network of influencers reaches an audience of over 25 million fans. Users will be quick to jump on the latest challenge that their favorite influencer posted about, opening up the potential for your campaign to receive thousands of additional, organic impressions reaching new customers far and wide with the help of the TikTok algorithm. If you’ve. The types of videos you decide to share will depend on your industry or niche, too. They call these Chromo-Factors. TikTok creators are perfect for targeting Generation Z. is a mobile advertising and branding company based in Berlin. Sociably to market with it in 2019. Indeed the only platform I saw openly promoting TikTok influencer discovery was Fanbytes, who wrote about, How Fanbytes Works with TikTok Influencers. Since Duets are a popular type of video on TikTok, he created a beatboxing video (his speciality) that his followers could duet. When an influencer has concerns during a campaign, Obviously manages them quickly and positively, keeping them happy and the brand free from stress.


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