that holds the intonation screws. Also, I agree with frank it sounded brillinat!!! I keep listening to the version from the Oakland Coliseum in May ’77… I just love the edgy sound the intro has. Hej Bjørn, thanks for this amazing interview and t... Hey! on Facebook Relief . Is it a matter of finger technique/strength or guitar setup? My son ran into Rev. He didn’t have a pedal board at this time but the effects included: Vox wah wah, Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, Colorsound Power Boost, Univox Univibe, DeArmond volume pedal and a Binson Echorec. Thanks! Hello Bjørn, A properly shielded guitar shouldn’t give you any problems with noise. Keep in mind too that his pickguard is slightly thicker than normal so a picture can fool your eyes. Do you know where can I find the complete Brighton 1972 video? How many springs do you use? 10-46 usually. Action is highly subjective, and there is no such thing as the "perfect" string height to anyone but the individual. Absolutley the main problem is going to be my technique thats a given,as for to many gain effects definantly not…..YET….,in chain dyna comp, rat, maxon 808, electric mistress delux, and dd20,as i improve day by day more pedals are on the way hehe. Thank you for the answer and for the great job you are doing with your music and with this site. I recommend 3. needless to say it’s a gorgeous perfectly balanced insrtument. Feb 12, 2011 #1 Hi all, I am in the process of tweaking my Strat's neck relief and string height again to see if I can find a nice sweet spot. – Bjorn]. I used to be able to turn up my volume and gain on the clean channel on my amp and it would barely break up, but now it distorts alot. I wish I had had the guts to do my own set up of the pickups earlier. Today I just bought Custom Fat 50s and I was wondering how much spacing should I set, really useful! The neck and string height can be fine tuned by adjusting the trus rod, filing the frets (or replacing the frets if needed), making sure that the saddle slots on the headstock isn’t too deep and by adjusting the height of the bridge/bridge saddles. I play a 50’s Classic Player Stratocaster and had problems at first because the bass strings were too boomy and the higher strings were too piercing when I really went for the top notes in some solos. Thanks for supporting Airbag as well :) Cheers! This makes sure that the neck has the right preasure and curve. Something doesn't make sense. /Philip. – Bjorn], hi mate got a candy apple red strat with emg pickups if i set the pickups to high as emg recomend i get nasty overtones on low e string when overdriven any suggestions ….thanks, [I don’t really have that much experience with the EMGs. There’s no dealer here in Oslo that wants to order them… too bad. – Bjorn]. I haven’t been able to try the guitar yet. As I’ve said before you must also make sure that the neck isn’t bent or that there’s anything wrong with the frets. Keep in mind that David’s pickguard is thicker than the normal 3-plys so the pickups will be closer to it. I have a Jimmie Vaughan Strat – V shaped maple neck with 9.5 radius. Not sure if you can help me on this, but here it is anyway: I have a CIJ Strat with synchronized trem. This is common and caused by temeprature changes, humidity, presure changes (going from 09 to 010 adds about 6 kilos to your neck) and it’s easy to adjust. I like very little relief, and then set the strings around .070" at the 12th. How high should I set them. Also I would like to know what are the disadvantages of the 2-point synchronized bridge, should I consider replacing it with the 6-point one? You have a big Airbag fan in France. I guess dave is using the fuzz face and the rare ´caused he is so atached to the hiwatts that you don´t belvie there are fenders. He said this in an interview, but I can’t remember where I read it of course. I think it’s a matter of comfort and the guitar being set up to match your preferences. All content except where noted otherwise is ©ørn Riis 2020 | Design by Bjørn Riis,, nice compilations and bootlegs about the Floyd. Pick up include fender custom shop 69’s in middle and neck and a seymour duncan ssl-5 in the bridge. An action that’s too high might make it hard to play properly and the strings might also ring and vibrate too much. When I plugged it into the amp, the magic was los. I am planning on installing them Sunday. Anyways, I’ve heard a few people recommend having 5 springs in the back for those 69s, that it makes them sound even better. thanks for your input… The setup on the DG Strat is probably not how David has his setup and I recommend that you make your own adjustments to fit your preferences and style.


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