��\�Q�4��c�f -ޘ�������ft2U����{�N��K9�9�%U�Q�>�����1lh�lQ�)�f��Z�L�� �hĐ�CZ�Z2bH�$�|0bH[�UJ:���^�kNu� �z�Q4]5nQ�Ÿ�yW͍BC�EYUN� ���h���%��E�nɟ�������n�py1�BQ����`�M�j`U��Ei �Ee��ې-� u��Р�ɒ�$�F ��+c��g was carried out monthly throughout the year. In higher population densities, a higher load of eggs and adults per gramme of small grains was recorded. We found that they tended to underestimate (max. The species composition, frequency and abundance of insect pests (Coleoptera ) occurring outside a grain store were explored. Pericoli speciali derivanti dalla sostanza o dalla miscela Non inalare i … 1994: Seasonal act, (L.) subjected to constant and fluctuating, Advances in stored product protection, Proceedings of the 8, Haines, C.P. of S. granarius was documented in the Czech Republic for the first time. In this paper, the results of these studies are drawn together, compared with field observations, and discussed in relation to behavioural mechanisms, ecology and control. We suppose that the source, fluctuating temperatures between 0 - 10°C, s confirming that weevils can occur in certain, so during mild winters (e.g. ), Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) and Sitophilus granarius (L.). Wheat bait-traps were, was carried out monthly throughout the year. 0000002952 00000 n ucts. (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae), Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) and Sitophilus spp. Feromone per Sitophilus granarius P-01005/1 Pagina n. 3 di 9 Polvere Anidride carbonica Mezzi di estinzione che non devono essere utilizzati per ragioni di sicurezza: Getti di acqua ad alta pressione. 0000003327 00000 n With increasing number of grains available the aggregation of eggs decreased. Frequency and abundance expressed in mean number of S. granarius (primary and hidden infestation) in outdoor grain traps. SITOPHILUS GRANARIUS REV 02/2020 Informazioni riservate ai tecnici della disinfestaz ione, agronomi, medici, veterinari e autorità sanit arie EROGATORI DI FEROMONE PER SITOPHILUS GRANARIUS (CALANDRA E PUNTERUOLO DEL GRANO) Erogatore Tappino copri provette rovesciabile in gomma naturale vulcanizzata, colore verde, dimensioni 9 x 14 mm. tested geometrical patterns. The long-term outdoor occurrence of primary pest. Durum wheats were artificially infected with 20 individuals of S. granarius. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). : The oviposition and rate of emergence of Sitophilus granarius in two extreme sizes of wheat kernels was studied under 4 levels of population density. The weevils were captured in grai, differences in weevil’s abundance and frequency depe, granary weevil in baits from hidden infestation (e. incubation period compared to primary infestation. %�쏢 -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sOutputFile=? j�jaX�GTG��8vvQ�1*o���u��p�~�|k�Kj�iI�+������[Dk嫛�y�®0���/U�D���J��ҧ���p��k��! 1991: Insects and arachnids of. appeared to rapidly increase in spring but remained low at other times of the year. stored for subsequent adult incubation (27°C, 75% r.h.) for l month. The most abundant species collected were Ahasverus advena (Waltl), Tyhaea stercorea (L.), Rhyzopertha dominica (F.), and Cryptolestes. ain store, along the south and the north wall. 0000047966 00000 n This study was conducted to examine the activity of stored-product insect pests outside farm storage facilities during the first2 mo of storage and to relate that activity to colonization of the grain by insects. The, from hidden infestation increased as much as 10 - 50, depending on bait trap location (Fig. The pest population density ranged between 0–12 individuals per sample (200 g) in psocids, 0–14 in beetles and 2–25060 in mites. 0000001379 00000 n The aim of this work was to explore the frequency and abundance of Sitophilus granarius The five species comprised Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.), Tribolium castaneum (Hbst.). and Sitophilus granarius were dominant. The population of, ggs) increased 10 - 50 times after one month of, , grain bait traps, outdoor occurrence, hidden infestation, grain residues, pest occurrence in grain residues in the Czech, erová et al., 2003, 2005, Hubert et al., 2006). There were, nding on bait trap location. Overall, results support hypothesis that there is considerable movement of insects in landscape surrounding facilities, resulting in limited spatial pattern other than temporally variable hot spots inside or near structures. A 100 tonne flat-store of wheat has been used to evaluate PC (surface and buried), pitfall beaker, insect probe and WBII probe traps for monitoring Sitophilus granarius. This study was aimed at exploring whether different methods of sampling and extracting pests would lead to different pest population estimation. 4), but, ture (Howe 1965). Trials were conducted during the winter/spring and during the spring/summer of the following year in the UK. In farm bins, the use of protectants on the grain tended to obscure expected relationships to environmental parameters. underdosage comprised about 80% of the pest insects collected. Evaluation of new fumigation technologies in regard to their efficacy to control and exterminate various invasive and qurantine pests in commodities and raw materials. under-dosage on the porous paper surface. Trials were conducted over 8-week trapping periods and S. granarius were seeded into the bulk at a density of one per kg. Although the residue samples had more mites and higher species diversity than the stored grain mass, no correlation in mite abundance and species numbers between samples from grain residues and grain mass was found, thereby indicating low connectivity of these two habitats. 0000036757 00000 n 0000001644 00000 n In the study, altogether 26 species of arthropods (Acarina, Psocoptera, Hymenoptera, Coleoptera) This, only few specimens were able to start further po, temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees C. –, (L.) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) breeding in acorns. H��Om��:��R�?�N����y��*���G������ps���zZ!Uck��&�� (Q�A�O$\��� �G�,o�������ә_F�Q6XMݭ��2x ���A�`/O�"Q4y�)�R�5��]j+m'!&zT��=@�B�P��_o+��^wN�>�p @���V=�+@&����/ژ�ZH=h k� �Ɔ����:.�t6�b�e�Q55Ufq�Ȋ,N��,A��"CD'��"CA��P��O�3 ���%�V�^y�p G�l��ر�`�0��?��W9���x�İ��Q���џ�7����˵�F��ꯢ3��#~�� �`���FG�'�^92������l�3@�sP Stored wheat (grain) may have high resistance to insects because of the lack of vital nutrients provided and/or the presence of compounds that negatively affect insect development [8]. Wheat in bins and discharge, ns in concrete grain elevators as habitats. 1). The. However, Anselin local Moran's I indicated that at local level some traps with greatest captures had traps in the vicinity with similar values, but these specific locations were temporally variable. About 42% of the residues were estimated to be smaller than 1.5 kg, and samples from these residues contained more insects per sample than did samples from larger residues. Biology Eggs – Up to 250 per female, average 200; internal feeder – eggs laid inside the grain. the tested insecticides were surprisingly robust to under-dosage on the glass surface but sensitive to Residue samples taken from the elevator boot pit and tunnel areas contained a greater density of pest insects (all species combined) than other locations. The populations in traps declined duri, March (Fig. The density of Sitophilus spp. Every two weeks the sample weight, hectoliter weight, moisture and the number of live weevils, including their number of progenies, were recorded. The spatial and temporal, Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere.


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