Crape happens to be an anglicized version of a silk fabric which has a peculiar crisp or crimpy appearance. Mostly famous in Ahmadabad, it is a staple amongst the Gujrati families. In the form of sarees, it adds simmer and texture to the complete attire. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You have entered an incorrect email address! Silk is another beautiful Indian sari fabric. Source - Pinterest. Silk is a fabric you should pick out for yourself. Stylish Blouse Material Types Tailored To Keep You On Trend. Styling tip – A black net blouse in tonal embroidery paired up with a white or blush saree is the way to go for all those who love to step out of the box just a little bit! This is a fun saree and often wouldn’t be a proper choice for formal wears. Lycra silk sarees are made from 90% to 95% of silk and 5% to 10% of elastic synthetic fiber called spandex. This textile is available all through the states of India and is a staple amongst buyers of all classes and creed. Styling tip – Go monochromatic for your saree look, but contrast a silk-material saree with a cotton fabric blouse for a cool juxtaposition of matte on shine. Also hoping you’ve found your fave colour blouse now. This can be one of the best official plus party looks when paired with appropriate accessories. Try a rich Velvet, Banarasi Brocade blouse when opting for this style. If you want to keep things light and your love for bubblegum colours are simply irresistible, why not mix and match the best of the both and flaunt this masterpiece with grace. From afar this would resemble a densely dotted pattern and on closer look, the ethnic patterns will open up to a whole new innovative look. For people who love wearing sarees or who have to wear them at least for family functions, selecting the right saree material that suits the occasion, season or your body type is always a mystery. Flowers form an integral part of traditional designs that portray both power and feminism. Women can browse stylish and pretty faux georgette garments for all kinds of occasions, from glitzy weddings to formal office parties. The twist in crepe yarns puckers the fabric slightly in both directions after weaving, rendering it a slightly rough feel like a chequered mesh like effect. Here is another smashing embellished borderline pattern that adds a heavy fun look to the saree. However, the main attraction point of a saree is the variety of designs and patterns, colour combinations and styles one can choose from while opting for a saree. What would make this more beautiful is a simple accessory addition may be in gold, a neckpiece or a bracelet. With motifs of animals and natural elements, the border is what make this saree so special. Georgette sarees are originally made from silk of highly twisted yarns. Find Here Latest Collection Of Crepe Sarees Under Rs.1499. These are either called as Crepe sarees or Crape sarees. © 2020 UTSAV FASHION | All Rights Reserved. Buy This Dual Color Black chiffon jacquard Saree @ Rs.1929. Your email address will not be published. This is beautiful Dual Color Black chiffon jacquard Saree which can make you look gorgeous with the self motifs added on the body of your attire to make it an interesting piece. If pink and black is not enough to get your hearts racing here is another addition to the classic combo where the outer line of the saree has this brilliant wide strip of glittering silver embedded on itself which makes this saree an absolute fit for party wear. These lovely sarees are great for any occasion. Buy Urvi Set Of 3 Stylish Lycra Silk Sarees @ Rs.599, Find Here Wide Range Of Lycra Silk Sarees Under Rs.499. Scroll through our list of different types of blouse materials for some tips on how to style your sari into a chic and complete look! Maybe a lovely bottle green silk blouse is more up your alley or maybe you would like to step it up in a stark green blouse design – whatever your choice may be, get ready to look insta-perfect. Every region of India offer a different style of saree fabric crafted and designed using ancient techniques perfected over many years by the rural artisans. The saree is a classic milk-white amazing but what escapes the naked eyes and reveals itself on close scrutiny is the soft black spots splattered all across the body that accounts to the part of the look book for the saree. We are talking about sunny Africa, where once civilization was born,... FashionLady is one of the leading Fashion Blogs in India. 00 Required fields are marked *. The gold metallic shade here looks brilliant when paired with black as the dual colour. The borderline in matte copper gold shimmers slightly as the outer line strip has a narrow intricate design pattern. News India  |  Latest News India  |  Bollywood News  |  Indian Cricket Score, Last updated on: January 12, 2015 11:45 IST. Each saree material should be accessorized in a unique way which suits the beauty of the fabric. This material is highly popular due its comfort, breathability and style.Commonly worn on an everyday basis by women of all ages, there are tremendous varieties even within this single fabric. Here are Chiffon, Net and Georgette Sarees from Feel light, pretty and natural in a well-tailored cotton saree blouse design! Corset type blouses and blouses with a sheer shoulder panel can achieve this look. These sarees are usually packed to the brim with vibrant patterns all of the different colour assortments that breathes life to the look while keeping the quirky fun quotient intact. Shop for online saree fabric and find exclusive collection of saree fabrics, saree material, Indian sari fabric, types of sarees material, fabrics with embroidery, georgette fabric saree, crepe fabric saree, chiffon fabric saree and learn more about fabrics used in making an Indian sari.


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