And I apologize if this was suggested somewhere else but I didn’t read all the posts. I wasn’t sure I browned the butter correctly (I probably didn’t let it brown enough, although it was more brown than golden) but people kept asking what I did to the treats, so it must have made a difference :). You know the ones, you find ’em next to the chocolate chips in the grocery store. You will love the gooey caramel and the hint of salt! I will be very tempted to make this recipe instead of the regular RKT one next time! I’ve always found it’s the toffee that makes the difference. I wanna try making this, but may I know the amount of ingredient in grams? I browned it ok, but once I stirred in the marshmallows, it turned into a disaster. This is the grown ‘n sexy version of rice krispie treats! As with so many things in life, those extra few careful minutes (browning butter, in this case, obviously) make all the difference! Yum yum! And I’m a sucker for rice krispie treats. Made these the first time with double the butter (1 stick) per recipe. A sure hit. Here’s my Q: I’d like to send these to a friend; she’s a crispies treat fan from way back but doesn’t cook any longer. Monkey Cake + Salted Brown Butter Krispie Treats = Smashing (pun embarrassingly intended) success! I am a big fan of your blogs, your photos, your recipes, your adorable Jacob! Thanks. Caramel Rice Krispie Treats are soft, chewy marshmallow squares topped with smooth, rich caramel for an incredible take on rice krispie treats. Can you make this with Fluff instead of marshmallows? Love this site! My dentist and I thank you. I saw a comment up there about taking these to a fancy dinner party- and I thought I’d share… my hubby and I both hate cake (weird- I know) – so instead of regular cake at our wedding we had a rice-krispy-treat ‘cake’ (basically one big rice-krispy-treat tower- looked just like a wedding cake)… our wedding was on the fancy side, so we spruced it up with some flowers- but it was a hit. The butter wrapper was very convenient for pressing/spreading into the pan! Je vous reviendrai pour commentaires. We made these again last night and I just had to thank you. I crave Rice Krispies treats at least once a week. I love Rice Krispies treats, and with these tweaks, I’m gone. Those treats look delicious, and are bringing back so many childhood memories. This says ‘4 ounces’ twice. This recipe just helped me conquer my long stand fear of making sub-par Rice Crispy Treats. I love Rice Crispy Squares – am intrigued by your “adult” version! I add a sprinkling of sea salt on top of the treats too and they are so good! The airiness of the Chex keeps them crunchy for days. Rene – I was wondering how using coloured marshmallows would turn out! I love rice kirspy treats but had never been able to get them right, I just made these today and am so excited they turned out perfect and are the best tasting ones Ive ever had, the brown butter and salt definately makes a nice subtle difference. I believe they are made with carageenan instead of gelatin. These are AMAZING – perfect combination of sweet and salty! Thanks. I left some in the bowl to try while the ones cooled in the pan. “Take it up with the monkey” is going to be my favorite phrase of the week! Then I added the butter to the bowl and stirred until smooth, eliminating the need to scrape the marshmallows out of a pan. So easy. Congrats again! He looks so cute! You’re a genius! Very dangerous. I only wish I could bring out the caramel-y browned butter flavor even MORE! He is adorable, Deb. These look amazing! I can’t eat marshmallows, because of the gelatin (I’m vegetarian). @Jenny 370 – have you ever made your own marshmallows? AMAZING! I do love me some browned butter. You can BUT they might get stale. I haven’t had a RKT in years, but these were amazing! Yay for Deb, you just made my day! You would have thought I had just discovered the elixir of life!! Another suggestion to make them truly epic – try broiling the marshmallows in the oven for a minute or 2 till they become golden and puffy. YUM! I love it. I recall looking around and inhaling what they just had for dinner before we ventured out to collect our loot. I used homemade marshmallows. (And maybe the pan…). You are just Amazing! He looks so happy and warm here. Required fields are marked *. Oh boy these were wonderful. Yes, it’s all lovely that the mother is making them with her kids, but seriously these things take no time to make. Jaime — The bowls are from Anchor Hocking and, bonus, they’re dirt cheap.


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