The natural laws tell us how we WILL behave, not how we SHOULD. The individual who performs the action. What makes consequentalism cost effective? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. If one adopts the second assumption then Gods commands seem to be arbitrary , in which case God would be imperfect. What is the Best Dry Dog Food for Loose Stools? Whenever we ask an ethical question, the answer given by an ethicist will vary depending on which normative theory they believe. If we agree that slavery is wrong… but disagree about what makes it wrong… …then our disagreement is a matter of normative ethics. Normative ethics is the study of what is right and wrong in general. Since ethics is an active science, it depends on the theoretical sciences for information. His list is shorter and reflective of concrete moral beliefs. It can also help us understand the origins of morality and how we can come to have moral knowledge. Search. Rights of ones health, liberty, life, and possessions. DETERMINES RIGHT FROM WRONG. Normative ethicists also may vary in the metaethical commitments. What is central to the Consequentialism theory? Virtue theory can be combined with either consequentialism or deontological theories. Normative Ethics. Even if we managed to ask a group of people with the same theory, this would not guarantee agreement. Start studying Normative Ethics. The theory that all human actions are aimed at avoiding some personal loss or gaining some personal benefit. The latter point is questionable though because there are cases in which we have good reason to do something like give CPR, that doesn't necessarilt benefit us. Establishes a framework in understanding the nature of ethics and addresses the three areas. What is the major fault in ethical egoism? ?……………if you’re out there? Several systems of ethics have been developed over the years: What is the Best Tennis Elbow Brace for Weightlifting? Just because something may be natural doesn't make it morally good. annmor1867. Your thoughts??? The problem is that none of these understandings provide a good basis for morality: whether or not an action or trait is morally good does not depend on whether it is innate or acquired. This suggests we should only accept ethical egoism if there are strong arguments in our favor. Which begs the question: Does God command actions because they are actually right or are actions right because God commands them? Break down moral actions and decisions into three parts. A descriptive theory about how people actually behave vs how they should behave. 1. What is an argument for psychological egoism? Consequentialists believe that an act is right if it leads to good consequences or maximizes good consequences. Introduces theories that help in evaluating right and wrong practices. Still others take it to mean that human nature consists of whatever we were "designed" to do. How we understand goodness, obligation and moral knowledge may deeply change our reasoning behind moral theories. Furthermore we have old reason to do something only if it makes us better off. Such controversies arise within normative ethics simply because they existed before the recognition of applied ethics as a separate discipline. Consequentialists believe that an act is right if it leads to good consequences or maximizes good consequences. acting with the intent to cultivate the best end results or consequences. Certain actions are intrinsically considered good or bad. Match . Another word used to signify DUTY BASED theories. A british philosopher who has come up with a fourth duty based theory after being influenced by the previous three in that duties are part of natural law. Concerned with the STANDARDS in evaluating beliefs. Flashcards. Basically, don't use people. This is just that, however, a layman such as myself would like a more brash and committed version whereby the discussion and description is first qualified as “process driven” and “results driven” with “in between” or “combined” as moderators. Metaethics will discussed in my next post. What is the Best Exhaust for F150 EcoBoost? Those who believe that God is perfect must therefore hold that God commands actions because they are morally right so one must give up the divine command theory and admit God is NOT the creator of morality. It implies that it is morally right to kill, rape, or steal anytime it's in our best interest. What are the three areas of consequentialism? The claim that every action is based on the STRONGEST desire of the person performing it. Log in Sign up. Egoism seems to arbitrarily elevate the interests of a single person over everyone else. Ethical standard of Duty or moral obligation. To claim that all self sacrificing actions are done to avoid a guilty conscience, The theory that actions are morally right just because they best promote ones self interest. Consequentialists do not agree on what the good actually is. Normative ethics is a branch of moral philosophy upon which applied ethics, such as the Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association, is based.


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