And, please do keep in touch with us at SheBlossoms. She wonders why she is still living if everyone id gone. Have your thought of counselling. Those were great years! After Lisa’s death, he even lost his appetite for living including his writing career. May you find peace and healing as you move forward without your husband. Given 3-6 months. I look at his chair he always sat in. There were times where I just didnt want to feel. I saw a dark shadow of him 2 weeks prior to his death, still can’t understand this? She's self-taught. I have no children in my town. It hard when you been married to someone for such a long time. He sounds like a wonderful, giving person. You are definitely not alone. I feel so alone and sad. I knew I had to fulfill those plans. I bought a small dog after my husband passed away on December 31, 2017. Hi Now, as you grieve the loss of your husband, you must find a new role to fill in this world. Sad! This call had begun to do for me what the best antianxiety medicine and therapy had not been able to, which was pull me out of the whirlpool and see the beginning of a way out of my sadness. I am searching for ways to learn to be alone & have been unable to cope well as of yet. I am in a terrible place mentally as I am angry, sad and broken. It cost me a LOT! He fought for 17 months to live . I called 911 crying all the way, and they were sending someone, I kick myself , nor did they suggest, that I didn’t do CPR, maybe it was too late, but I wish I had tried , in shock having no idea for sure what to do, how hard to hit his chest to wake up his heart, wait for the sqauad they call them. I am at a loss. I love him so much. I found an Angel site today and it helped. I know that it’s difficult adjusting to live when you’re living alone after the death of a spouse, and nothing can really alleviate the pain…and I am sorry for your loss. I’m an introverted writer and I love being alone. My parents are gone, my sister won’t talk to me, my brother lives in another state. He liked calling me his girlfriend. Seek a therapist. He was my life. All the best. For awhile, I wasn’t ready; and then one day I decided to throw caution to the wind and I went out for ‘coffee’. Say open for healing. (Around minute 3, look for the handsome young guy with the glasses and the pen who manages to be in almost every shot. That was 9 months ago. It’s hard but I know I can do it. i lost my husband of 34yrs recently. How can that be feasible when youve been a part of someone’s life for 28, 30, 40, 50 years or whatever amount of time. I was married for 28yrs very happy one day nov 23rd 2017 he pass away he was sick one day never woke up we were in shock in disbelieve he was the love of my life im lost I sold our place im living with my daughter for comfort but I still feel all alone and started staying lock in my room away from every one he took care of everrthing we were always together if we wasing working I dont know how to move on or even if I want to I have depression im disable I have a cat and a dog I have no friends was gone to church I stop gone I feel im giving up life with out him is very painfull, Joyce y0ur story sounds like mine my wife 0f 37 yrs passed away Nov 24 2018 we had always been best friends we knew people but it was always me and her she had bad heart had stroke and sezers for the last 5 yrs she stayed most of her time sleeping I took care of her and spent most of my time with not sure how I’m going to live without her I find myself talking to her a lot or thinking she’s lying here beside me I have no friends left most have passed on I feel like my life is gone tring to deal with new feeling like crying alot something I’ve never done before I keep thinking she’s not in pain anymore but then I wonder why God couldn’t heal her instead of taking her I’m sorry for getting so long winded first time able to talk to someone I’ll pray your grief will get better soon and you will just remember the good times you two had and and how much he loved and adored you.


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