In May 1935 a Franco-Soviet treaty of mutual assistance was signed, and a Soviet-Czechoslovak treaty followed a few weeks later, though this treaty was only to take effect if France also came to the aid of the country under attack. And there were, from Stalin’s point of view, further signs of insubordination. As Stalin noted, no deviations remained to be combated. 6.История России XVIII–XIX веков. In the 1720s century the number of textile manufactories reached 40 (of which 24 are only in Moscow). The industrial growth rate originally laid down was 18–20 percent (in fact, this had already been achieved, at least on paper). Экономическое положение России в годы Первой мировой войны. On the other hand, the great Dneproges dam was a generally successful hydroelectric project on the largest scale. However, Peter I conducted a series of laws that aggravated the situation of peasants and prevented the creation of a wage labor market. The Germans invaded Poland on September 1, and Soviet troops entered the eastern part of that country on September 17. The method as stated was no more than a rationalization (in the Taylorian or Fordian sense) of the arrangements for clearing debris, keeping machines ready, and so on, and in fact it involved a large effort by a support team of de-emphasized assistants. The army also suffered heavy losses. In fact, Nazi rule was at first interpreted as a victory for the communists, in that capitalism had been driven to its last resource, of naked force, and must soon collapse. At the same time Stalin, Molotov, Yezhov, and others called for great vigilance in the struggle against hostile elements in the party and outside it. Serf labor continued to dominate mining and metallurgy, especially in the Urals. At the end of the decade, it ended with a new systemic crisis, which was part of the recession in world industrial production and was accompanied by an agrarian crisis. [7]. And it was a concept—organizational, ideological, inspirational, and, it might almost be said, transcendental. Only in the 1850s, the obsolete critical method of iron production began to be replaced by puddling. Heavy pressure was now put on these latter three, and they were forced to accept Soviet garrisons under treaties signed in September and October. At first these approaches bore no fruit, but in his policy speech to the 18th Party Congress in March 1939, Stalin announced that the U.S.S.R. would not help “warmongers” who wanted others to “pull their chestnuts out of the fire,” and Maksim Litvinov, the spokesman for collective security, was removed as People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs a few weeks later. Preferential rations for “shock brigades” were introduced, and in 1932 the then very short food supplies were put under the direct control of the factory managers through the introduction of a kind of truck-system for allocation to workers on the basis of their performance. And while at the end of the 18th century Russia accounted for about a third of the world smelting of pig iron, by 1860 its share did not exceed 4%. Subsequent industrialization was carried out in the USSR in the late 1920s using administrative-command methods based on five-year plans under totalitarianism. It was, or was the basis of, a set of real governmental and economic actions. Industrialization in other countries: Russia Background and early difficulties in the progress of Russia By 1815, Russia was not only the largest, most populous nation in Europe but also a great world power. In fact none of the targets had been reached, or even approached. The second, which came later, was the claim that they had in fact secured unprecedented increases in production. Of the 700 writers attending the Congress, only about 50 survived to see the Second Congress in 1954, though the average age in 1934 was under 40. During the Yezhovshchina, the U.S.S.R. was in fact submitted to one of the most brutal terrors in recorded history.


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