A great time saver in high volume environments. All of the most popular solutions that we have provided to our commercial clients since 1999 have now been combined into a single powerful and flexible program that can be used in virtually any event photography situation you may come across. Great for busy operators who need less time with a mouse and more time on the camera. Demonstration of lenticular flip creation using Photogra's DropoutGS Photo Event Management Software. Of course, all of your backgrounds are available to you at any time but only those of the selected category (if not all) are displayed to your customer. 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A musical video tour demonstrating some of the highlights of the latest release (1.0.6) of DropoutGS. What support comes with the software? Have a large format pre-printed tri-fold that needs specific placement of subjects? Importing any JPG background and PNG overlay with transparency is quick and simple. Select a date range and click to find subtotals, taxes, totals, sales types (cash, credit), inventory control and more. From the standards of 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, wallets and more, your backgrounds are only limited by your imagination. Video Tour and Tutorials for DropoutGS software: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 3; Windows 7 Professional SP1, 100 MB for installation, 5 GB minimum recommended for image processing and storage, dependent on image capture volume, Discrete video card w/ 512MB of VRAM preferred with Dual Monitor capability (1280x800 min resolution recommended), Epson TM-T88V, Epson TM-T88IV, or compatible. Its simplicity, speed and affordability also means you can find it at birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, weddings, Christenings, sport team events, school events and more. I am looking for an on-site event photography software... We are doing events where we take photos/portraits and print them on-site for people to take home. It considered a safe and reliable place to purchase online on The Starlight Studio. Of course, you can also use media cards. On how many computers may I install DropoutGS? ->> A web based set up is easy to maintain does not use proprietary software or expensive hardware. What's more it does this out of the box; no need for multiple pieces of software. Absolutely! DropoutGS features DropoutGS is a robust, feature-intensive application designed to act as a one-stop-shop for professional event photographers. Most of our customers have happily found they no longer need to use multiple applications. It considered a safe and reliable place to purchase online on The Starlight Studio. DropoutGS has become the software of choice for event photographers operating in venues ranging from birthday parties, graduations, and corporate events, to high-traffic, permanent installations such as tourist attractions, sports stadiums, zoos, aquariums, and theme parks. DropoutGS will enable you to take rapid fire photos, process the green screen and print all without you having to click a mouse. Please use the trial period or check the PC/Mac requirements to make sure that the software meets your needs before purchasing a license. Will I need expensive photo editing software to alter hue, brightness and contrast or even create grayscale/black & white or sepia-toned images? Can I process credit cards through your software? Best of all, this comes as a standard feature in all versions of DropoutGS. Your customer also has their own checkout screen when you reach that step and not until then, allowing them unfettered view of their picture. You can process either cash and/or credit with DropoutGS which has built-in support for either PayPal™ or Authorize.net® payment gateways. Toggle navigation WellTech Software. No CD or Box. Where is your software used currently? If you are looking for event photography software, you’ve come to the right place. Green Screen Removal: Wisps of blond hair are no longer a concern, nor are green bleeds on light clothing. Import your photos anywhere on your machine or on an external hard drive. You'll find DropoutGS is a "one stop shop" for most operations. We highly advise to evaluate a fit of the product during the trial period for the software for those that provide a trial mode. Uou may alternatively employ a "hot folder" that DropoutGS watches. From built-in support for tethered popular camera brands to hot folders and media cards, DropoutGS works the way you need it to.


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