Check out this recipe. Peanut Brittle is the PERFECT party dessert, made with butter, peanuts, and corn syrup, it's sweet, crunchy, and ready in under 60 minutes! Peanut Brittle. All you need to get started is some fairly standard ingredients, and tools. Pretzel Turtles are a sweet and salty caramel treat that's incredibly EASY to make in just a few minutes with only 3 ingredients! A Few of My Favorite Quick and Easy Christmas Candy Recipes This week my sister and her family have been visiting from Oregon and I have been busy enjoying time with them. So, instead of sharing a new recipe with you today, I decided to share a few of my favorite quick and easy Christmas candy recipes with you. This is a fairly standard recipe that can be used for making candy drops, lollipops, and other types of sucking candies. 2 /51. Making hard candy at home is an easy thing to do.


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