Die Dragoon Mountains bilden eine Gebirgskette im Cochise County im südöstlichen Arizona, USA. To get … When…, Video by Arizona Game & Fish Looking further south, you can see the Huachuca Mountains. The last day started out driving about 20 miles on Middlemarch Rd, (FR 345) from Tombstone to Pearce, also a wide primitive road, but decently maintained. Der Bergzug ist rund 69 km lang und verläuft in süd-südöstlicher Richtung. The path becomes gets steeper as it goes to the top of the rocks. He was born in these mountains and spent 12 years from 1860 – 1872 battling the US Cavalry. Half Moon Ranch is a ranch style house located in the east Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains of Coronado National Forest. Considered to be one of Arizona’s “sky islands”, Cochise Stronghold is a premier destination for birding as well as hiking, rock-climbing and horseback riding. 4 Reviews #1,451 of 2,355 things to do in Arizona. Great hike, lots of water crossings after the past couple of storms. It’s only three miles to the divide with a total elevation gain of about a thousand feet. With 15 trail combinations, the Chiricahua National Monument offers hours of outdoor recreation. I live in Sierra Vista, Az. Wildlife includes Deer, Javelina, Quati Mundi, mountain lions, Bobcat and Black Bear, as well as many species of birds.Beautiful place to spend any amount of time! With more than 5 trails covering 43 miles you’re bound to find a perfect trail for you. Thanks for the pics, they’re nicely composed. There are also notches in the rock faces that appear to be steps which allowed the Native Americans access to better views of the area. So much to do there. If you choose to start from Sorin Pass, this is a tough scramble downhill for about a quarter mile between the trail and Abril mine. We had the whole place to ourselves! Dragoon Mountains. It felt similar to Chiricahua but closer to home and nobody on the trail. The range is about 25 mi (40 km) long, running on an axis extending south-south east through Willcox. One area, known as council rocks is where the Apache war chief Cochise signed a treaty with the US Cavalry. Back to top ↑ | The Dragoons are about 6 x 12 miles, or so and a large portion is made up of Granite outcroppings and boulderfields, with patches of woods in between. During the winter season, sandhill cranes flock to Arizona. into the Dragoons. The trail to the right goes over to a rock crevice that goes up to the rocks above or you can continue on the flat and go to the amphitheater. Required fields are marked *. Great camping, historic sites to visit, off-road driving, geocaching, hiking, mountain climbing and more all year long. Patches of snow at the bottom and north slopes had several inches. The hike is moderately strenuous. There’s no shortage of epic hiking opportunities around Arizona. The hoodoos are awesome. Dogs, Horses and Pack Animals (Donkeys, Mules, Llama) are also able to use this trail. For more information, consult the Douglas Ranger district of the Coronado National Forest. Tucson, AZ. if you want to explore the Abril mine, a better way there is via Soren Pass off Middlemarch Road. There is a marker and an interpretive sign that shows the pictographs. This is a fun hike on an overcast, breezy day. However, that would have taken more time than I was allowed. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until September. Cochise Stronghold is a collection of granite boulders in the Dragoon Mountains that Apache leader Cochise and his men used as a natural fortress. Not far from Tucson you’ll find the Dragoon Mountains, a “sky island” of pine trees, wildlife, a cooler climate, rich history and legends. We left at dawn and stayed cool for most of the hike. I believe that you would be able to reach the top of the pass and cross over to the other side. As you travel further back into the canyon, you begin to climb and reach areas that make the hike more difficult. Awesome stuff. Higher up the trail was overgrown and washed out. As you reach the top of the trail, the large rocks on the right harbor the pictographs. Photo Credit: (top) @skyislandadventures, (bottom) @azrogernaylor. This makes…, A day hike doesn't sound like it would require much preparation, but there are a few important things to take note of, plan for, and pack with you…, One of the key qualities to look for in a trail running shoe is support. You can also hike 1.5 miles into Fort Bowie, now a national historic site. Chiricahua National Monument. One of my most favorite spots. Hiking Trails Near Dragoon. You can also hike in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, the Muleshoe Ranch Cooperative Area and Ramsey Canyon Preserve. Follow this rough road 0.2 miles to the end. The Dragoon Mountains is the location of Cochise’s Stronghold, one of the many places where the famed Chiricahua Apache Chief held out against the US Calvary for many years. One more mile on a rough primitive road goes to Dragoon Springs. The first 21 miles are in the Huachuca Mountains in Sierra Vista. If you enjoy outdoor activities, Cochise County has loads of sunshine, miles of hiking trails, expanses of open range, and beautiful sky islands. @Janet It’s within a short distance walk of what is now the Dharma Treasure Retreat – https://cochisestrongholdretreat.com/, Your email address will not be published. Cochise County offers state and national parks, national forest service stops, and national wildlife refuges. NEXT. The other trail goes left and circles around the rocks. Author of Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures Co-author of 125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta, For a take-your-breath-away beautiful multi-day hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies, you must put the…, For a magnificent but long day hike or an outstanding 3 - 4-day backpacking trip…, British Columbia is a dream destination for hikers and backpackers. Slavin is a moderate, fun hike from the west trailhead. The Dragoon Mountain Ranch Unit I (Foothills) Property Owners Association represents the owners of 93 home sites with a minimum of 36 acres each. After the first mile, and right before you start the ascent, there’s some barb wire across the trail with a sign that says “Please keep gate closed.” We questioned if we were headed the right way, but continued over the fence. and is filed under Outdoor Recreation. As you climb higher it gets rockier.


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