Over 100,000 Student Scholarships Awarded. Study, practice, and apply the coding skills you need to develop your own future. The material in these paths can compliment what you’re learning in school and give you a leg up. But by becoming a Codecademy Pro Student member, you can take the CS101 course yourself and prepare for the livestreams ahead of time. We’ll quiz you on the material as you make your way through a course or Path. So now, we want to also help the millions of people who’ve lost their jobs because of this pandemic, too. Zoom classes are only as fun as you make them. Visit the shop, Zoom classes are only as fun as you make them. In our Student Center, we’ve curated a list of our most popular cheatsheets. We’re glad you're here. Know what’s cooler than sports teams? Work on real, portfolio-ready guided projects to put what you’re learning to use. Codecademy Pro contains everything in Basic, plus all the advanced tools and content that you need to make your learning faster and more efficient. In addition to our Pro Student membership, the Codecademy team has been busy collecting our favorite resources for students and making brand new ones. Gergely Németh, Engineering Manager at Intuit, talks about what first excited him about engineering, the importance of having a good work/life balance, and the role of an engineering manager. Study, practice, and apply the coding skills you need to develop your own future. With Pro, it’s easy to see exactly how far you’ve come. Pick your favorite and wear your passion on your sleeve (or chest or head or legs). LEARN MORE: Our Curriculum Developers have also put together a collection of suggested courses for both undergraduate and graduate students, sorted by topic. And it’s easy to show others, too, since you’ll get a certificate of completion for each Pro course you finish. We launched our scholarship program with the goal of helping 10,000 students who’ve had their studies interrupted by COVID-19 get access to a coding education. We know that one of the hardest parts about learning online is staying motivated. Pro includes Career Paths and Skill Paths that tell you what to learn and in what order. Welcome to Codecademy! It seemed like an ambitious goal, and we were hopeful we’d meet it — or at least come close. Good news! Over 100,000 Student Scholarships Awarded. We’ve got Career Paths for Web Development, Data Science, and Computer Science. Join the conversation with other learners, ask questions, stay connected, and find motivation. Throughout this semester, we’re hosting live-streamed classes that will walk you through our CS101 course. We're updating our React curriculum with new lessons, projects, quizzes, and articles. If you’re still not sure, check out the Career Foundations Career Path. You can find them all in our Student Center, but here are some highlights you won’t want to miss. We’ve heard from students that have taken the Computer Science Career Path in preparation for going back to school to study Computer Science, business and design students taking Web Development to broaden their skillset, and biology, chemistry, and astrophysics majors studying Data Science to better understand data in their research projects. Codecademy Student Center: Our Student Center is a hub for all of the resources we’ve put together for students this year. Our new goal is to give Pro to 100,000 impacted workers. Master the languages and concepts required for this skill. Ready to dive in and start learning to code? They’ll tell you what to learn and in what order, to make things easy. You may already know what language you want to learn or what Path you want to take. During the fall semester, our Curriculum Developers will be hosting a live web series covering the fundamentals of Computer Science. Start quiz, This video explores popular programming domains and gives you a glimpse into the daily life of a programmer. Switch things up with these custom-made backgrounds and live your best digital life. You can click here to check it out. What makes the Codecademy Pro Student membership different from using Codecademy for free? Codecademy Forums and Student Chapters: Don’t forget that the Codecademy community is here for you. We’ve also added some non-virtual swag to the Codecademy shop, including hats, tees, and sweats. Quizzes will help you retain what you’re learning — plus, they’re a nice way to prove to yourself that you’ve mastered a new skill. No matter how your brain works, this quiz will help you find a programming language, course, and career that clicks. You’ll find a variety of practice exercises on your dashboard that’ll help you review and practice the concepts you’ve recently learned. To make remote learning feel a little less remote, we’ve launched new Community Chapters. So you won’t waste time learning the wrong thing. It’s got all our Pro features built in, including exclusive courses, interactive practice and review, and downloadable materials that you can save for the future. Check out the syllabus and learn more on the blog. If you haven’t purchased a membership yet but are planning on it, you can get started here. The following Monday, we found ourselves constantly ref… We banded together and, within 48 hours, launched the scholarship program on a Saturday afternoon. Programming languages. Watch now. Codecademy Pro includes unlimited Codecademy programming, data science, and mobile development curriculum, a community of peers, and paths to help students be successful. Check it out here. Whether you’ve recently purchased a Codecademy Pro Student membership or are thinking about signing up, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of it. Pro includes access to Skill Paths and Career Paths that tell you what to learn and when. It’ll provide an introduction to the world of programming and the fields of Data Science, Web Development, and Computer Science so you can figure out what path is right for you. Use them as a general reminder or a go-to reference for the most essential info for any domain. Head over to our community to find out more about Chapters or start your own! As you complete Pro courses, you’ll earn certificates. Study, practice, and apply the coding skills you need to develop your own future. Coding is for everyone, and so are we This video explores popular programming domains and gives you a glimpse into the daily life of a programmer. As we mentioned above, Paths are step-by-step roadmaps that take you through what you need to learn a specific skill or get started in a specific career direction. If you do, head over to our catalog to get started. Getting things wrong is an important part of learning. We know learning online can get a little lonely. No matter how your brain works, this quiz will help you find a programming language, course, and career that clicks. We’ll give you a set of tasks to complete on your own, with minimal instruction. And in just one month, we awarded Pro scholarships to over 100,000 students around the world!


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