November 20, 2017 at 2:45 PM. The staff at the police station can send the relevant documents to DVLA on your behalf. Pounds are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. Get your vehicle unclamped. View a table of these charges. You’re taken to the police station, you’re booked, and your phone is confiscated. Why don't the Police pay? You must also tell the insurer that the vehicle has been seized and is in a police pound. reported it online. If your vehicle doesn’t have correct number plates and you’re planning on driving it, you must attach valid replacement plates when you collect it. Police seized a car in Blandford for having no insurance. (You may be required to provide further evidence of purchase or ownership.). online. It's a work in progress, we'll be adding new services over the next few weeks, so please take a look and tell us what you think. Q. This can render your insurance invalid and Staffordshire Police will report all suspected fraud to the relevant company. It's a serious criminal offence to fail to declare the correct material facts or to give false information when getting insurance. You will then need to fill in this form. Vehicle clamped/seized in relation to parkingIt's a criminal offence to clamp/block/tow away a vehicle without lawful authority. You will still need to follow the above procedure and pay the recovery charges. A. If the registered keeper or owner is collecting property, we'll require proof of ownership or a V5C. If in doubt, contact your insurer before you come to the pound. I'd like to manage the cookies, Quickly exit this site by pressing the Escape key, Escape key not available with JavaScript disabled, Breach of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures, How to tell us about possible terrorist activity, How to tell us about something you've seen or heard, Firearm, shotgun or explosives certificate, Information: about the police, about yourself or someone else, Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, Road Traffic Act (Retention and disposal of seized vehicles) Regulations 2005 – amended 2008, How to complain about the removal of a vehicle, a UK photo card driving licence; if you have the old paper licence you need to bring your passport or another verifiable form of photo ID (one from the list above), an EU/EEA photo card driving licence along with a passport or EU/EAA identity card, a non-EU/EEA driving licence together with an International Driving Permit or an official translation, plus a passport or other evidence of immigration status and date of arrival in the UK, an insurance certificate on your mobile phone as long as it shows clearly on the screen, correct owner and registered keeper details, any motoring convictions in the last five years, any modifications to your vehicle from standard specification. Sign in to resume an incident report or track the progress of your You have seven working days to go to one of the police stations specified on the seizure notice to reclaim your vehicle or it may be sold or scrapped., Current insurance documents for the seized vehicle, The full vehicle registration document (V5C) or sufficient proof of ownership. The pound staff will also send the registered keeper a notice letter with the details of what's happened to their vehicle. Find out how here. A motor trader can't release a seized vehicle on your behalf. If we're not satisfied that your insurance is valid for the release of an impounded vehicle, we may ask you to provide written confirmation from your insurer. If your vehicle has been issued with a PG9 prohibition notice, isn’t roadworthy or won’t start, you need to arrange for a fully trained, equipped and insured vehicle recovery operator to collect it at your own expense. I'm fine with cookies You can then attend the vehicle recovery operator to collect your vehicle. You should attend the police station in person to prove ownership, unless: If after coming to the police station to establish your ownership, you nominate someone to collect the vehicle on your behalf, they must present the documents listed above, plus: If the vehicle is being driven, they must also have a valid driving licence and a valid certificate of insurance that allows them to reclaim a seized vehicle and drive it from the pound. Did you find the page you were looking for? Prove you are the registered keeper/owner of the vehicle. If you’re driving under a provisional licence you must bring someone who: Make sure you have L plates on the vehicle. If you're a recovery operator collecting a vehicle from the pound you must: Bring a set of keys, in case the driver didn't leave the keys in the vehicle. Trade or business insurance policies can be produced as long as the policy: You should produce a valid full vehicle registration document (V5C) in your name together with proof of address. If you cannot access your account you can Rate this page (1 star poor – 5 stars excellent). When you get there you may have to queue for a while and be feeling stressed and angry but do remember that the staff there are only doing their job. If your vehicle is over three years old and doesn't have a current MOT test pass certificate, you must: As the registered keeper/owner you are legally responsible for the vehicle. You will only be able to track the progress of an incident if you they will not have a valid driving licence or certificate of insurance. Short-term insurance or temporary cover (for a period of up to 30 days) may not be valid to reclaim a seized vehicle. How do I get it back? My vehicle was seized because I didn't have proper insurance or licence. Produce at the police station specified on the notice a valid certificate of insurance covering your use of the vehicle and a valid driving licence authorising you to drive it. Having your car impounded by the police could cause severe implications including financial penalties and storage fees that accrue on a daily basis that you will be required to pay. specifically lists the vehicle on the stock list. If you don't know how much the release fees will be for your vehicle or you want further clarification on how to release your vehicle, you will need to contact the police force that seized it via the non-emergency 101 number and clarify the matter with them. You'll need to produce a valid certificate of motor insurance that permits the release of a vehicle impounded by a government authority before your vehicle will be released (impound insurance), even if you don’t intend to drive it on a public road. Find our response to the coronavirus outbreak and how to report someone breaching the social restrictions. You must also tell the insurer that the vehicle has been seized and is in a police pound. You will only be able to reclaim your vehicle Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, and this must be at the police station specified on the seizure form. Without JavaScript enabled forms will not work. The easiest way to show that you are the registered keeper of a vehicle is to produce your V5 registration document.


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