It’s quite logical since tenors have larger sizes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to That’s not a lucky coincidence. and then it has to be glued to purfling, cut and thickness sanded. ©2020 Copyright - Kimo Ukulele. This makes it not very portable, which is a big part of a ukulele's charm. The spaces between fretboards on tenors are broader than those of concerts given their somewhat longer necks. Well maybe, with it’s retro “J” guitar shape. Since tenors are of a larger construction than concerts, their sounds are of a higher volume. The Tenor category is the first to stray from the standard ukulele sound, as it outputs a classical guitar-like sound. Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar For You, Learning Guitar? Size is the first noticeable difference between the concert and tenor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you’ve been a skilled player for many years, go for the tenor ukulele and enjoy the extra features that come with its bigger size. So, fingerpicking for the tenor becomes easier. However, the slightly bigger size of the tenor makes it sound louder. Your email address will not be published. So, here are some of the things you should keep in mind while buying one: Since there would be no ukulele without wood, this is the most important thing. Moreover, this uke provides a gig bag for transportation at the time of purchasing. On the other end of the scale there are the smaller models, such as the sopranino, sopranissimo, and such. It even features an arched back design to enhance sound quality. However, if it features a better quality wood, you can go for it too after being sure. The scale-length of a tenor is about 2-inches, and its neck is a bit wide. Besides, Deluxe Grover Chrome Tuners with ebony buttons keep it tuned as well. Classic Super Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build. Typically, this model of Martin Smith delivers a superb sound because it includes the quality strings, Sapele wood body, and metal gear heads. The back and sides are India Rosewood. They produce more vibrant tones than concerts, making them a lot similar to guitars. But they feel worried to purchase due to the high prices. Super Soprano - The Super Soprano Uke Size. That’s to say that the Donner DUT-1 Tenor Ukulele Kit eliminates all worries by giving an affordable and high-quality ukulele. The larger size gives your fingers the ample space to maneuver on. In addition to these, it offers you everything you can ask for as a beginner at a price you won’t regret paying. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But again, for the price, workmanship is excellent and the sound, response, and intonation would likely not disappoint an advanced amateur or even a professional player. Laminated ukuleles are cheaper but provide better protection against humidity and temperature, whereas solid ukuleles focus more on a sturdy and efficient build. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (includes .com, .ca,, .de, .it, .es and .fr) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Therefore, you should always look for mahogany or Koa in the build as they are the most commonly used for ukuleles. The pineapple ukulele is just another variation of the Soprano ukulele. Do you sometimes feel that you have no talent and cannot even do half the things other people can? I think this is a great combination of woods for this small instrument. Soprano ukuleles fall into the middle category of ukuleles, both in terms of weight and size. The ukuleles produce sounds so good and are so easy to master. A tenor ukulele is inevitably expensive—you must’ve predicted that just by looking at the fingerboard’s increased width. Consequently, after this careful purchase, you will surely have the best ukulele in your hand. The ukulele features a traditional mahogany body and neck that assures you of the best intonation in this price range. Above all, tenor ukuleles are the third largest among the concert, soprano, and baritone ukuleles based on its size. #ukulele, Camphor burl backstrap--looks a bit like "the tree, New backstrap look--mappa wood burl @exotichardwoo, What a score--a lifetimes supply of curly, colorfu, Final look-- long neck concert with fun Koa @hearn. A bit of a chore but it sure looks great. Both ukuleles differ 3 inches in size, with the tenor being the bigger size. But their legacy goes beyond the production level. #ukulele #ukulelebuilder #u, First look--maple and koa combo. However, the off-road size form traditional size does not mean the sound will change too. Even after 100 years, they are still refining and improving their instruments. Some differences that set concert and tenor ukuleles apart. A classic guitar-style look. For many generations Kamaka has hand crafted Hawaiian ukes for the world. However, you will get higher-quality and an advanced level ukulele at higher prices. However, with the perfect one, you will be getting invitations to play soon after you start. Now, I don’t do this often but curly koa binding was requested. Now, if you do not like the traditional small-sized ukuleles, you can always go to the tenor ukulele that is double the size. These few characteristics can sometimes make it difficult for some people to tell them apart, especially for new beginners. I prefer the dark, deep purple stuff and this set is a classic. We’ve rounded up the aspects you need to know before purchasing the right one for you. Moreover, the rosewood fingerboard also allows easy playability. However, let us explain how different the sounds of tenors and concerts are. The quality of sound depends on other factors, including the materials used for building the instrument. Most average shops don’t have these ukuleles in their stock, so if you’re interested, you might need to order them specifically. You can quickly tell which is bigger or smaller by merely looking at them. Applying this rule to ukuleles, concerts have lower string tension than tenors due to their shorter scale length. They have  deep roots in the development and innovation of this instrument. These Super Ukuleles are often 21-22.5” in size, but they are one of the categories that are least sold, and they’re valued by musicians and collectors only. People seldom choose baritone ukulele as their first instrument, mainly because it’s quite large for a ukulele. Moreover, you won’t regret the price you pay for the accessories as it’s quite negligible, and there will be no guilt for not being the best musician with such a great ukulele. A classic request and a classic build for this Classic Super Tenor Ukulele. It delivers the same sweet, traditional sound at a louder volume thanks to its size. The rosewood fingerboard also gives you an easier beginner time. Well, in case you don’t know, the scale length starts at the beginning of the strings, known as the bridge saddle, and ends at the end of the fretboard, known as the nut. We finally settled on some new stock of “old growth” California Redwood. The few long neck tenors we have gotten impressed both us and our customer’s with it’s sweet sustain and brilliant clarity. Because the Kala Resonator Uke includes a lightweight aluminum resonator cone crafted into a figured that enhances sound volume.


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