Check the circuit wire for connection problems, using a voltage tester, if you can't find any problems inside the motor. Any questions should be directed to the Genie Company or an authorized Genie Dealer. To download a printable pdf file of the above directions click onto the link below: Garage Door OpenersParts & ServiceSince 1964. Remove any old limit clips which may still be attached to the chain. This could be the result of a faulty capacitor. This may involve tightening one or both of the vertical door tracks with a screwdriver or wrench. If the floor underneath the door isn't level, the door can become misaligned in the tracks and fail to move. View online or download Genie H2000C-1 Manual If any limit adjustment is necessary, the limit clips can be removed and repositioned on the chain by completely removing the self-tapping screws. Measure the distance between the middle of the inner slide and the middle of the carriage. Try the door again after servicing the sensors. Be certain the carriage release lever remains disengaged. What to Do When an Electric Dryer Won't Turn on, Installing Safety Sensors on a Garage Door Opener, How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite Gas Dryer That Won't Heat, The Family Handyman: Troubleshooting Garage Door Openers, Genie: FAQ -- Troubleshooting Genie Garage-Door Products, Overhead Automatic Garage Door Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting a Dryer That Doesn't Turn On, How to Fix a Garage Door That Won't Go All the Way Down, How to Tell if the Door Relay Goes Bad on a Dryer. The “hourglass” shape at the ends of the clip should be positioned between two outer link plates of the chain as shown in FlG. ©2020 Disengage the door from the trolley by pulling the emergency cord if none of the basic checks reveals a simple explanation for why the door won't open. 3. (Note: The inner slide will remain stationary during this step.). Find the best replacement parts for your Genie chain glide garage door opener at Garage Door Supply Company. Measure the distance between the “up” actuator and the middle of the carriage. View and Download Genie GCG350L manual online. Tighten the screw securely while holding the ends of the clip firmly in place on the chain as shown in FIG’.5. Plan how you will be mounting the power head. Shop our line of replacement motors and capacitors to restart a nonworking chain glide garage door operator. Someone might have pulled the emergency cord. Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities. Setting Genie Chain Drive Limits; 1. Having an automatic door opener in your garage is a great convenience, but you have to give the opener and all its parts regular maintenance, or it can flummox you with erratic behavior. If it won't move, look for a bent or loose track or a bent roller. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. The repair may involve disassembly of the motor. Make basic checks first. One such quirk is a refusal to open the door as commanded: When this happens, you could get locked out of the garage. Check the sensors. Secure the clip to the chain with a self-tapping screw. If nothing happens at all, the safety sensors may be out of alignment. Check the limits of your installation by operating the door opener. Garage Door Troubleshooting Guides. Measuring from the center of the inner slide toward the power unit, attach a limit clip to the chain at the distance obtained in STEP 6. Manually close the garage door. Using the same distance (1′-2′) obtained in STEP 2, measure along the chain from the “down” actuator. We have replacement capacitors for 1/2-horsepower and 1/3-horsepower models. With the large hole in the clip facing down, attach the clip over the top and bottom of the chain as shown in FlG. FAQ: Troubleshooting Genie garage door opener products. All sales are backed by a no-questions 30-day returns policy. SETTING THE “DOWN” LIMIT    (To purchase these limits click onto Genie Limits 24701R). My garage door will not go down using my transmitters. 4. When the infra-red sensors are malfunctioning, usually one of the sensor lights will be blinking. Disengage the carriage from the inner slide by pulling on the red release cord. If one or both lights are off or flashing, look for dirt, cobwebs or leaves in front of the sensor lenses, and clean the lens if necessary. Consult a professional if the opener hums but the chain doesn't spin. Install the third limit clip 6 rollers away from the “up” limit clip. Be sure to securely tighten the self-tapping screw. It may also help to spray lubricant on the door rollers. Press the remote or the wall-mounted start switch, listen to the motor and watch the movement of the chain. If the motor works, but the chain doesn't move, you should also consult a professional. Viewing from the top of the power unit, note the two limit actuators, (“up”and’down”). If the lights still flash, manually realign them until the light is steady. This can indicate a problem with the motor, but it might have other causes, including a bent, misaligned or loose track or sensors that are dirty or out of alignment. I can only get the door down by holding down on the wall button. Try to open the door manually. The third, or “security” limit clip should be located between the “up” limit clip and the inner slide. A test will reveal whether or not it needs to be replaced, but the test involves discharging the capacitor, which can be dangerous. Troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your Genie garage door opener, including lights blinking, door reversing, remote issues and more. For Genie Chain Glide garage door opener replacement parts, use our illustrated parts guides and schematics at Garage Door Supply Company to pinpoint what you need and where you need to install one or more parts. GCG350L garage door opener pdf manual download. Secure the clip to the chain by installing a self-tapping screw into the clip. A division of Genie of Fairview Door Co. Liftmaster / Chamberlain Infra-Red Sensors, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Miscellaneous Parts, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Remote Controls, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Outside Keypads, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Infra-Red Sensors, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Miscellaneous Parts, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Outside Touchpads, Gadgets & Miscellaneous Garage Door Opener Parts, Garage Door Opener Gears, Couplers, Brackets, Garage Door Opener Circuit Boards and Sequencers, Garage Door Opener Wall Button / Control Consoles. Motor problems often require professional help. If your opener is made before 1993, please click here for important information. Using the push button or transmitter, position the garage door approximately 1 to 2 feet from the closed position. All rights reserved. If you can hear the motor trying to open the door, but the door won't budge, stop the motor immediately to prevent it from burning out. The garage door remains closed. Check the breaker controlling the door opener, and reset if it it's tripped. If the motor hums, but the chain doesn't move, that indicates a problem with the motor. Manually open the garage door. Remove three limit clips and three self-tapping screws from the parts bag. Using the push button or transmitter, position the garage door approximately 1 to … If you find one, unplug the door opener before tightening it. Any defective part you find will have to be repaired or replaced. Setting Genie Chain Drive Limits.


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