Stand in the shade with an open view of the sky above and you will not feel any warmth arriving from the sky above, just the local ambient temperature everywhere. A simple test of the Greenhouse Effect warming the Earth is to walk out into the open on a sunny day. April 3, 2020 at 10:37 pm You are proving me right, again. La courbe pour la vapeur est tirée de Synthetic spectrum for gas mixture : Pure H2O (296K, 1 atm) dans HITRAN. Principia Scientific International (PSI) is a not-for-profit community interest association. Nothing about this has anything to do with atmospheric CO2-driven global warming. Then, to top it off, you try to prove me wrong by making up things. However, at 2-micron wavelength there is practically no emission at the considered temperature of 300 K. The (0110 – 0200) and (0110 – 1000) bands are Fermi coupled at wavelength of about 15 microns. Spectroscopy is a subject nobody cares about except when there’s a good punchline, such as with lasers. If you had high school physics and are curious about what Geran ours here at PSI argue, I assume you probably also had high school chemistry. You then need to determine what proportion of the back radiation is absorbed and hence the total energy transferred and then you can make a pretty good estimate as to what the likely heating effect might be (if any). I see no problem GHE in itself only with the supposed magnitude of the effect, along with associated forcings, unscientifically claimed and certainly not proven by alarmists. 9.4 microns corresponds to 35C (95F). Articles like this are like microscopically examining a turd to catalog every molecule, when all we need to know is that it stinks. La molécule d'eau à l'état vapeur possède trois types de transitions conduisant à une absorption : La vibration est accompagnée de transitions rotationnelles donnant un spectre rotation-vibration. | #, “Roughly less than 10% of the infrared flux that falls within the absorption bands of CO2 will be absorbed.”. This number decreases according to eq. All of the atmosphere, including the CO2 thereof, slows the cooling of the surface. In sealed lasers, this takes place as the helium atoms strike the walls of the laser discharge tube. Dans l'eau liquide les transitions rotationnelles disparaissent mais les bandes liées aux liaisons hydrogène apparaissent. What they don’t tell you is that 15 micron radiation isn’t in the heating range, so who cares if CO2 absorbs it? Herb, April 6, 2020 at 1:11 am As for laser beams you do surprise me that they are manmade and don’t occur in nature, thank you for that information. Only lasers with narrow intense collimated beams can get around that with non-equilibrium thermodynamics and cause instantaneous vaporization, and then only of outer layers of molecules of water. | #. They are not very efficient at converting the external power into IR laser output (in a range of less than 10% to nearly 20%)., April 4, 2020 at 11:19 pm What will you come up with next to avoid and distract yourself or others from the vexatious question as to whether or not IR, even at 10um, when absorbed causes a heating effect, I was sure that was a universally accepted property of IR. | #, Hello PSI and many, many thanks to TL Winslow! I’m sorry but your comments seem to make no sense at all to me. Too bad, atmospheric CO2’s Planck radiation isn’t collimated and is all at 15 microns, and any that strikes Earth’s surface will bounce off or be absorbed by the surface molecules, which will always be held to the same temperature as the surroundings by conduction from the surrounding molecules, making global warming impossible. And there was no model of an atom which explained how it was that atoms had a geometric structure until Erwin Schrodinger, a physicist, assumed that the electron of the simplest atom (hydrogen–a proton and a electron) and applied the mathematics of radiation to this simple model and discovered that the hydrogen atom had geometry. (2) with increasing and decreasing j-values. It is extremely dry, making the atmosphere exceptionally transparent for SPT. Les transitions vibrationnelles agissent dans l'infrarouge moyen et proche. L'absorption dans le gaz est présente dans trois régions du spectre électromagnétique. Dans les trois bandes on observe une structure fine de rotation[13]. The fraction of the molecules for j = 16 is as indicated 0.078. L'absorption du rayonnement électromagnétique par l'eau dépend de l'état de celle-ci : liquide, vapeur ou glace. | #. Cette propriété est utilisée dans les fours à micro-ondes qui utilisent généralement la bande ISM à 2.45 GHz (longueur d'onde 122 mm). Videos are a ve…, That the Earth's climate is "hostile" on the one h…, Copernicus Meets the Greenhouse Effect (PDF), Absence Of A Measurable Greenhouse Effect, Greenhouse Effect Theory Within the UN IPCC, Why CO2 Has Nothing To Do With Temperature, The Planck Blackbody Equation and Atmospheric Radiative Transfer, Finite Element Model for Atmospheric IR-Absorption, One-way heat flow formulation with Planck absorption and re-emission, Alternative Theory To Man-Made CO2’s Influence On Climate, Keynesian Economics’ Relationship To Economic Prolems.


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