A military formation developed in parallel with the Legiones Skitarii during the Dark Age of Technology, the Secutarii were created as the honor guard and protectors of the Titan Legions.The Secutarii have a number of roles, the first and most important of which is to protect a Titan from close-range swarms of enemy infantry. Or to be precise, anti EVERYTHING!!! TLDR: As with most 40k vs something things, 40k wins. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond Uses. Battletech commanders have a lot more experience in titan-on-titan combat than 40k commanders do. The problem for battletech is that it is still somewhat grounded in reality where as 40k is grounded in ‘bigger harder faster’ with an incredible disregard for something as silly as physics. In Battletech? Even a light skirmish in Battletech often involves a dozen 'mechs at least, plus anti-titan tank support. You can find it on Thunder Hammers, but more importantly on shooting weapons like Stormhammer Missiles, and Grav weapons. Overview. It's Tuesday. It fires 100mm shells, and the armor-piercing type of which has enough firepower to kill even the Nine Titans, such as the Armored or Beast Titan, with a single shot. It won't win an infantry killing contest, or knock down void shields (or rather, it WILL, just not fast enough), but any exposed threat will simply evaporate under the sheer, undiluted might of the Imperium/Chaos (depending on which side you are on). Anti titan. Where 40k wins out is naval combat. Up to now it realy looks like this is the one thing a Death Guard Army struggles with. Besides killing Titans, the gun was also used in normal bombardment missions in which it fired fragmentation shells. Concussive – Makes Gargantuan Creatures (GC’s) and Titans Initiative 1, and buys you time to deal with them in the opening fury of close combat. This weapon excels in straight forward damage. Anti-Titan artillery was created for the purpose of destroying Titans of all varieties with great efficiency. Check out these ‘Secret Weapons’ of 40k. Death Guard Anti Tank Options I am currently struggling with the question what kind of anti armor units i should use for my Death Guard Army.


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